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Anime-Themed Online Slot Machines Posted Dec 5, 2016

Anime-Themed Online Slot Machines

Japanese animation, known by its Japanese name as anime, has always been huge in its country of origin, catering for people of vastly different ages, genders and interests, but over the last few decades has become a larger and larger force in the West. Much like its comic book cousin, manga, it isn't quite mainstream but it has a large and very dedicated audience. From the classic family films of Studio Ghibli to respected films aimed at adults like Perfect Blue to massively popular series like Neon Genesis Evangelion, anime has made a huge impact worldwide.

It's hardly surprising, then, that anime has also made the jump to both virtual and real-world casinos worldwide – most especially in the US and https://canadascasinos.ca/slots. Like movies, TV shows, video games and American comics, anime is a perfect fit for the wide world of slot machines. Whether it's in the real world or online, anime is a particularly great theme for video slot machines that are set up to take full advantage of such vivid and colorful animations.

It's true many, perhaps even most anime-based video slot-machines.ca do have the habit of living down to some of the biggest clichés surrounding anime in the form of scantily clothed, often underage-looking girls, but, quite aside for the fact that there's clearly still a substantial market for that particular anime trademark, if you look around a bit you might find some anime-themed slot machines that actually do represent the variety of stories told in that medium.

In particular, look out for slot games that are specifically based on existing anime properties. Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example, is the basis of a very popular video slot game that mixes classic video slot gameplay with graphics and sounds from the influential anime series (which can be seen at hereonnetflix.ca/category/anime) and even uses the peculiarities of the mind-bending world of Evangelion to inform its bonus game. It's an obvious must for fans of that TV show.

It's not only the games based on existing properties that are worth checking out, though. For every Ecchi Playground Slot (which is, apparently, rather good despite being entirely based on what is known as “fan service”) there are a half dozen games.ca that tap into other genres like fantasy, science fiction and ninja epics. Nine Tailed Ninja is an especially good example of an anime slot game that ties heavily into a particular genre.

Either way, though, whether your preference is cute girls, existing anime properties like Naruto or that very particular anime genre known as chibi (where characters are drawn with huge heads and tiny bodies), the better slots based on anime tend to be wonderfully colorful, fun and cheeky. Anime fans have another medium to add to their collection and anime newbies should still enjoy just how gleeful or atmospheric most of these games are.

Had enough of the usual old slot machine games, check out one of the many anime-themed slots for something completely different.

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