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The immersive action anime Granblue Fantasy: Versus Posted Mar 3, 2020

Are you into fantasy fighting games? Check out our first look of Granbule Fantasy Versus and know what you can expect from the full release.

The immersive action anime Granblue Fantasy: Versus

The first thing that people notice with Granblue Fantasy Versus is its visuals. It has excelled at this department which is one of its selling points. The art style of the game-play is quite lush and looks like it’s anime in motion in that it is similar to Dragon Ball Fighter Z without repetitive character design and shading.

There is an incredible amount of detail given to every single character that is worthy of admiration and is quite evident in their portraits. The entire game is tightly knit together with an accessible user interface and simple menu design. Add to that a touch of anime ostentation and you’ve got the fantastical elements of the game down. If you’ve ever tried the ridiculous fantasy game Battle Fantasia then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

The immersive action anime Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Another area that really sets this game apart is its game-play’s overall accessibility and simple design. Though it is an anime cum fantasy fighting game for the most part, players can also make use of the system that allows them to input special character moves with a single button. These are highlighted below the life bar and need to be regulated properly.

At first it may seem as if the new players and button smashers may be at an advantage since the game allows the use of powerful attacks instantly. But the progressive nature of the special powers and their regulation helps to encourage amateurs to learn the basic game mechanics while experimenting with different attacks.

The sole chink in the game’s armor is its lack of characters. However the base characters that are offered in the game are already quite intriguing and cover enough territory to appeal to different playing styles. This provides the game with immense diversity which is quite remarkable for such few characters.

The game offers a range of playing options to the gamers while ensuring that the overall game-play is leveled out across the board. As more characters are introduced, it would be interesting to know how the game-play develops over time.

Another aspect that the game excels at is its unique way of handling the story. The game plays like an RPG with multiple little menus, which is expected of such games. In scenario mode, the fights use the regular game engine that we see in normal fights. However, it feels more like a 2D street brawler games such as Final Fight.

The demo is only 20 minutes long which is quite short given what all treasures lay buried in this game. Still, the kind of game content and style that you get with this game is sufficiently evident from the demo itself. The voice acting and cinematic cut-scenes are impeccable. The game mode starts like a tutorial but there’s a whole story that can be followed. If the game can deliver on its promises, it may very well be the best fighting game with a story, hands down.

The immersive action anime Granblue Fantasy: Versus

There are already time-honored gaming titles in the community that Granblue Fantasy Versus is looking to exploit. Many such games have already inspired additional content such as casino games that can be played at Online casino UK - https://conquestador.com/.

However, the game’s fresh take on the genre, easy game accessibility, and a decent character list really does work in its favor. Only time will tell if it is able to compete with its contemporaries and create a niche for itself in this gaming sub-category. With its release just round the corner, RPG aficionados won’t have to wait too long to find out whether the game is successfully able to deliver on its promises or not.

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