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The Many Mediums Influenced By Anime Posted Jan 24, 2020

Anime has spread from a niche hobby to a worldwide genre enjoyed by viewers in multiple nations and across several different genres as anime itself is not defined by a single type of entertainment. Anime includes movies, limited series, and traditional series across all major entertainment types including comedy, drama, adventure, musicals, romance, and any other type of movie or TV series you can think of. As such a popular form of entertainment anime has expanded into other hobbies and areas of interest.

Once a medium that was enjoyed by a small group hobbyists anime started to become more widespread in the west in the early 1990s and this trend has continued in the decades to follow. Anime has become a well known and enjoyed form of entertainment that has influenced mediums such as art, animation, music, video games, and other forms of creative expression. Here is a brief overview of some of the mediums anime has influenced and the ways both overt and subtle that it has done so.

Anime Influences In Games

Anime shows a notable influence in the video game marketplace. Games on home consoles, computers, and smartphones can show an anime influence and this influence extends to several different types of games. Everything from traditional games, long term series, anime show based games, and games of chance such as Manekichi casino can show influences from the artform.

This influence can be seen in several different areas of video game design. The most noticeable design cue is the overall art style however, anime influences can be far more subtle in game design. Many games take advantage of specific types of anime storytelling tools, settings, use of music, and basic character concepts that while not always based on an existing anime property would not be out of place as an anime series.

There are also games based on existing anime properties such as TV series or movies. Games based on anime properties can be every bit as diverse as the different genres anime itself can belong to. Game types can include traditional platforming games, shooters, role-playing games, musical games, novel games, dating simulations, card games, and more.

Anime And Music

Music plays an important part in anime storytelling and how a series frames its emotional impact and important moments in its story. Many anime series make use of traditional songs as opening or closing these and these signs can be from an existing album or made for the series specifically. The genres of music used can vary greatly with rock, pop, and heavy metal music all having been used as theme music.

The musical influence also extends past openings and closing credits. Insert songs (comparable to incidental music) are inserted into scenes or moments of particular narrative importance or emotional impact. Many popular anime series release soundtracks and singles and several of these albums have found success in both terms of sales and popularity.

Anime Influence On Other Forms Of Animation

Anime and its unique stylistic approaches have influenced other styles of animation. Many cartoon series made in the United States (and several other countries) show an anime influence in the way the series are drawn and written. It is worth noting that anime itself has a very diverse style and a non-Japanese cartoon showing such influences can vary greatly in their own right. Anime goes back several decades and in that period has had several different styles, evolutions, trends and art periods this leads to a lot of material that can influence outside works.

Final Thoughts

As the above information shows anime is a varied and diverse medium that has influenced many different mediums outside of itself. It has also influenced mediums in other countries outside of Japan with anime-influenced works being created and sold worldwide. With its continued popularity in the marketplace, anime-influenced works often have a well-established customer base to reach out to with a common interest that connects many different groups of people.

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