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The Worldwide Impact Of Sailor Moon Posted Feb 3, 2020

Since the Sailor Moon manga debuted in 1991, the characters and stories have resonated with fans across the world. Written by Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon was originally a manga series which later inspired anime TV shows, films, and even stage musicals. It was also announced last year that a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal film would be released in September 2020.

The main character of Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino, a middle school student that is the reincarnation of the ancient princess of the Moon Kingdom, Princess Serenity. After she meets a talking cat named Luna, she gains the ability to transform into a superhero named Sailor Moon. She protects the people of Tokyo from monsters and other threats. Sailor Moon is also aided by the Sailor Scouts who are other middle school girls that also have the ability to transform.

Why has it become so popular with fans?

Since it was created, Sailor Moon has become one of the most popular manga series in the world. Fans from far and wide have enjoyed learning more about Sailor Moon and its characters in many different forms, from the novels and anime series to video games and even theme park attractions. As time has gone on, Sailor Moon is now recognized as one of the most important female superheroes of all time.

So why do fans love everything about Sailor Moon? There are many reasons why fans love the show, the manga, and the films, but it’s mainly because the concept of it is so fun and entertaining. As well as the captivating storylines and interesting characters, both the manga and anime have been praised for its stunning artwork.

The vibrant colors and clean lines in the artwork that helps create visually stunning imagery is one of the many reasons why Sailor Moon is one of the greatest anime cartoons ever. As Sailor Moon has now been translated into many different languages, individuals all over the world are now able to become captivated by the franchise.

The impact that it has had on the gaming industry

While many fans of Sailor Moon are used to watching the TV show or reading the books, Sailor Moon was also developed into video games as well. Many of the games in the game series were released when the franchise was at its highest popularity in the 1990s. Games like The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende were released on platforms such as PC and Nintendo DS.

Sailor Moon, and other anime, have also had an impact on the gaming industry in relation to the development of online slot games. In the iGaming industry, it is clear to see how anime has influenced the slots industry through animation style, characters, and popular themes. Anime themed slots such as Moon Princess, is just one slot game that has been influenced by the popularity of Sailor Moon.

Naoko Takeuchi: empowering & reshaping adolescent literature

Since the Sailor Moon debut, the manga series has sold over 35 million copies worldwide and has also created a multibillion dollar franchise. Written by Naoko Takeuchi, the series has had a huge impression on young female audiences. Naoko is recognized for the impact she has had on adolescent manga in Japan that has helped empower and reshape the narrative of women and girls.

In her writing of Sailor Moon’s friendship with the other Sailor Scouts, she demonstrates how girls can be powerful, strong, and independent. In her stories, she has been able to create talented and strong-willed characters that young women around the world love. Throughout her career as a manga artist she has received several awards and has helped create positive female role models in literature.

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