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Three Kick-ass Comics to Try in 2017 Posted Jun 8, 2017

In a world where more comics are available than options for your evening meal, sometimes sifting through titles before finding one you can truly enjoy presents something of a challenge. If you’re not entirely new to the world of comics, there’s probably a style, or genre, that you prefer, whether that’s Manga, Western-style, or sci-fi style, but there are always hidden gems out there capable of grabbing your attention as you continue your path of discovery into the wild, weird, and wonderful comic world.

Here are just three of those hidden gems to try in 2017:

Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin is big news right now, having reached record highs this year. The cryptocurrency has been labeled by financial experts as digital gold, so the drama and intrigue of this comic about the creator of the currency has, it’s fair to say, been perfectly timed to provide even more excitement about an on-trend subject.

The story arc of the comic focuses on the hunt for the elusive creator of Bitcoin, and it also gently explores how the currency has helped to change the world by making it a freer place. Bitcoin has done this by allowing for easier transactions online, with companies like Expedia selling holidays that can be paid for by bitcoins, BitCasino allowing gamers to gamble on a whole range of casino games exclusively using the cryptocurrency, and even pubs in major cities like London accepting it in exchange for a pint.

All in all, Bitcoin looks like it’s here to stay, and this vividly imagined comic will help you gain a better understanding of what that might mean for the world.


Whilst thinking of Bitcoin forces us to think about how the world might change, Pashmina is all about a journey of discovery that helps you to see and understand the way the past and culture can be left to be horribly misrepresented if not properly discussed.

After finding her magic pashmina, Pri is able to delve into her life and get to grips with the 'real' India despite the fact that she lives in Orange County. This comic is not yet out but is certainly one to look out for (and perhaps enjoy with your kids).

The issues that are discussed and brought up in this comic certainly make it an exciting concept and will help you to challenge the perceptions that help shape the world in 2017.


If you want to see a really female-positive comic that doesn't shy away from serious issues related to gender, then this is an excellent offering from Marjorie Liu.

Set in early 1900s Asia in a world where monsters live in horrifyingly close proximity to humans, the comic is a brilliant and sensitive way of showing how strong female characters can be in the battle between good and evil. It also allows the story to become one where the strength of a woman to say “enough” is a powerful expression in itself, making this comic a must-read for anyone interested in a gripping story featuring powerful females who take on various guises.

If none of these takes your fancy, don’t be discouraged; there are literally thousands upon thousands of titles out there to help you jump in head-first to the wonderful world of comics, no matter your tastes and your literary preferences.

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