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Thrilling Anime-Inspired Casino Games Posted Mar 8, 2019

Originating in Japan, the anime culture is widespread all over the globe. Nowadays, you can find anime about everything – from sci-fi and action to romance and fantasy, anime offers an unparalleled diversity.

Over the years, anime culture and anime series have become the inspiration of many different businesses, including the gambling industry. Anime-related slot machines have been released by leading iGaming software companies, such as NetEnt. The only struggle now is to know how to choose the best casino site. In the lines below, you can find all the best anime-related online slots.

Ghost in the Shell Slot

Ghost in the Shell is a 888 Gaming online slot game based on the well-known anime series of the same name. This is a classic five reel slot with 9 paylines and a theme that will take you to the cybernetic age of Ghost in the Shell. 888 Gaming has also included leading characters like Motoko Kusanagi and Daisuke Aramaki, and many more on the reels, which represent high value symbol. Additionally, low value symbol are represented by traditional card symbols.

888 Gaming’s unique anime-inspired slot comes with two Wild symbols, the first of which is a traditional Wild, whereas the second acts as a Multiplier and boosts any winnings by up to 3x. Similarly to Wild symbols in other games, the Wilds in Ghost in the Shell substitute all other symbols in the game, except for the Scatter.

But the Wilds and Scatters are not the only bonus features in Ghost in the Shell. Apart from those, this incredible slot game also has a progressive jackpot feature. To increase your wining chances, however, you have to be willing to stake more than the average. On the bright side, the bet range is really enormous – from $0.45 to $90 – you can easily pick the amount that you find most reasonable. Furthermore, the slot has another great feature – Auto Spin button.

There is a Pick Me Up Bonus game which is activated when two highest value symbols appear on the third and fifth reels. Players are asked to choose between 2 symbols, and if they make the right decision, the Bonus game will continue. On top of all, players will get their wager multiplied from 3 to 40 times. Last, but not least, Ghost in the Shell Slot features a Free Spins bonus as well. If you like free spin bonuses check out Casino Lista.

Koi Princess Slot

Powered by one of the world’s leading iGaming software operator NetEnt, Koi Princess is an elaborate slot game that is not based on a particular anime, but still symbolizes the Japanese anime culture. Koi Princess features 5 reels and 20 paylines and a set of amazing bonus features to increase players’ winning chances.

On the reels of Koi Princess, players can see Japanese artifacts such as gold coins, orange idols, etc. The Scatter symbol is represented by Koi Princess herself, and there is also a Wild symbol, which is represented by a symbol with a ‘Wild’ on it.

When it comes to bonus features, Koi Princess has a lot to offer – there are four randomly triggered features. In the Random Feature, players choose one of of three kois to determine the type of game they will play.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Slot

Last in our list comes one of IGT’s best games. Tokidoki Lucky Town is a fun slot game with 5 reels and 40 paylines, and a bet limit ranging from 60p to £600 for spin. This is another slot game that does not represent a particular anime. Instead, Tokidoki Lucky Town Slot is based on Simone Legno’s Tokidoki – a lifestyle brand, loved by many.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Slot boasts high quality graphics with vivid colours and great characters. What is more, IGT has included a number of appealing bonuses to make Tokidoki Lucky Town Slot even more entertaining. The slot comes with a Random Wild feature, a Random Multiplier feature, an Expanding Wild Feature, as well as several bonuses that can give you amazing cash prizes and multiply your wager. Below, we will explain how some of these work.

The Random Multiplier is activated when a Truffle Scatter symbol appears on a Revealed Reel 2. As soon as it is triggered, the feature rewards players with a Multiplier (2x to 15), which is applied to the reels. What is more, the Moofia Blind Box Picker is triggered when two or three stacked Milk Carton symbols appear on Revealed Reel 4; players have to choose one Milk Carton symbol and they will collect a cash prize up to 10 times their stake. But IGT has not stopped there – there is also a Symbol Upgrade feature and to trigger it, players have to align a Character Wild Scatter symbol on the fifth reel. Immediately, all matching symbols on reels 1 to 4 will turn into Wilds for that spin.

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