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Top 4 Anime-Themed Online Slot Games Posted Jan 30, 2019

Famous anime franchises and beloved characters have often served as the inspiration behind incredibly successful video games. The Pokémon universe alone has seen some great video games – with Pokémon Go causing a frenzy among fans. Online casino games developers, who are constantly on the lookout for elements that will make casino games like poker, blackjack or roulette more entertaining for players, have caught on to the popularity of anime. There are several online slot games available throughout many online casinos that are based on popular anime franchises – and these are our top choices.

Moon Princess

Within the niche world of online slots, there are certain slot games that are considered legendary, like Mega Moolah. If you learn more about Mega Moolah, you'll understand that its familiar theme and user-friendly layout with great payouts makes this progressive jackpot slot one of the most beloved casino games. The anime equivalent of a franchise as popular as this slot would be a classic like Sailor Moon and the incredible slot game Moon Princess that it's based on it. A standard 5-reel video slot, Moon Princess is filled with animation and graphics that are reminiscent of the iconic anime, which have made it an instant hit among anime-loving online slot players.

Koi Princess

This popular slot game was developed by NetEnt, one of the leading casino software developer studios out there and well-known for producing some of the best high-thrill games. This video slot features five reels and 20 paylines, while its graphics blend the anime world with oriental influences. Its soundtrack complements the Japanese feel of the game, while the Koi Princess symbol also makes an appearance. You can choose the coin value, level, and maximum bet and choose whether to activate a bonus bet function, making this game very versatile for players.


Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most religiously followed anime series, thanks to its amazing combination of mecha and dystopia elements. This battle of worlds that borrows heavily from existing philosophical and religious teachings has seen countless pachinko machines based on it across arcades in Japan – so it was about time an online slot equivalent was developed. Aptly named Evangelion, this slot game features favorite characters like Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Asuka, and Gendo Ikari. The wild symbol is none other than the logo of NERV, while you will also find a Wormhole and an Angel symbol that boost winning chances.


In Japanese, “Matsuri” means festival – and there is no better name for this slot, which celebrates Japanese and anime culture. With the standard number of five reels, this video slot is easy to play and includes free spins and wild features. Its graphics are its strong suit, as the player gets immersed in the festive celebrations with fireworks exploding. The game features symbols that are very familiar to those who know about Matsuri, including masks, koi fish, kimonos, flowers, and typical festival food. A great bonus: this slot game also features a special side game when the koi scatter is activated, where players are taken to a koi pond and try to catch fish for bonus prizes!

A true celebration of anime and Japanese culture, it is no wonder that these slots are among the most popular across online casinos, played both by online casino regulars and by anime enthusiasts.

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