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TOP 5 ANIME QUIZZES TO PLAY Posted Mar 15, 2021

Did you know, approximately 60% youngsters in the world watch animes which makes it around 2 to 3 billion. We thought what could we do for excitement of these passionate anime fans and here we are with the best possible experience for all ‘Amazing Anime Quizzes’. You must be contemplating why we are calling anime quizzes ‘amazing’, and what could be fun in them. Trust us, they are specifically designed to take anime fans onto another level; watching anime is fun but get to know which character do you resemble, or what powers would you achieve according to your personality is more thrilling and amusing than you might imagine. If you want to try, you can visit Quizpin.com and take some of their enjoyable anime quizzes.


You might think which anime quizzes would be best to play? We have a list of top 5 animes which are rated best by all. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the famous animes, we are here to help! Read the description about them below and answer their quizzes to receive exhilarating answers.


Attack on Titan has been viewers’ most favorite, want to know the reasons? Well, the characters like Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, and most importantly Eren Yeager, all are loved due to amazing powers they possess. Levi though works under cover but his ‘Awakening Power’ has provided him the unmatched strength to fight, while Mikasa also combats sturdily in the Ackerman clan. Arlert might seem weak, but his intelligence is his greatest strength. With the titan serum he got the powers of ‘Colossus Titan’ which enables him to fight and even if he gets injured, his powers of healing and regeneration make him winner every time.

However, the most important character of Eren Yeager is our personal favorite due to his powers inherited from his family. Initially he was a normal human boy, but after his physical form changed into a Titan, he has incredible powers of three Titans which are; Attack and founding Titan and War Hammer Titan. The challenge for these super humans is to save the world from the vicious Titans and the ‘Attack on Titans Quiz’ would generate the answers to let you know which character you resemble.


The celebrated anime Bungou Stray Dogs has the story enveloped in the genres of crime, action, and our most admired supernatural. Interestingly, this anime has the names of some famous literature writers and all of them possess some supernatural powers. The ‘Bungou Stray Dogs Quiz’ is what all the fans have admired. There are more than 100 characters in BSD, and here we are providing you the chance to recognize which BSD character can you be.

The plot of Bungou Stray Dogs revolves round a detective agency which solves cases that are more than rational for normal cops and agencies. The most important character Atsushi helps his team to solve many arduous mysteries with his intelligence and bravery; moreover, Osamu Dazai is a perceptive and clever person and is a major character. Fyodor Dostoyevsky is fearless as he can kill anyone in a matter of minutes with a single touch. However, Chuuya Nakahara is considered the most dangerous in the anime because he can control gravity, if he wishes he can manipulate gravity facilely. The mission in BSD is to fight mafias and restore peace.


Do you think your educational institute or work place has something weird? The Kamome Academy does have a ghost in its restroom and there are Toilet Bound Hanaku Kun Quizzes for you to you know which TBHK character can you be, then lets knock at the door three times and enter the Toilet Bound Hanaku Ku Quiz to have some fun in this boring time.

To answer the quiz you must have some knowledge about the anime, as TBHK is romantic one having Hunako as the protagonist who is a ghost-boy scaring all and can fulfill anyone’s wishes. On the other hand, Nene Yashiro is the girl who can go to every extent to get the love the most handsome boy in academy. Nene teams with Hanako to be with the boy; whereas, other characters like Nene’s best friend Akane Aoi, and Hanako’s twin brother- a devil on earth Tsukasa Yugi play a vital role. Not only this, the exorcist Kou Minamoto wanted to punish Hunako but after experiencing his nice and loving nature he helps him as well.


Haikyuu!! has really received a lot of appreciation which is why there are multiple quizzes to satisfy hunger of Haikyuu fans. For example; Haikyuu!! Teams Quiz which tell you in which team would be selected, while ‘Which Haikyuu!! Character Are You Quiz’ has intriguing questions and predicts which character in Haikyuu!! do your traits match with.

One of the best teams Karasuno High has the players Hinata Shouyo and Tobio Kageyama that have the capability to make a perfect future in volleyball game. But here comes the twist in the plot, both of these boys play with heart and soul but aren’t compatible with each other and always fight.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a next level anime that includes different generations of Joestar’s family and so, you can find ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Quiz’ that would leave you astonished and would analyze your answers to tell you to which generation of family do you belong and what skills and powers can you have. Joseph Joester, Jotaro Kujo, Giorno Giovanna have various abilities that can kill their ultimate enemies ‘Vampires’. Intelligence, bravery, and powers like Hermit Purple and Ripple are what help Jojo’s family to stand against the evil Dio Brando. The series has new genres and plots with every new season because the story shifts to the next generations, which is enjoyed by viewers.


Anime fans should never left out which is why there are quizzes all over in the internet about your cherished animes like ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’, ‘Hunter x Hunter’, and ‘Sword Art Online’. So, don’t just sit there! Answer some of the quizzes to have some more fun.

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