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Top Anime Characters in Casino Games Posted Aug 13, 2018

Casinos games offer numerous benefits to players. There is the profit element that comes when players play roulette online or any other casino game for that matter. There is also the entertainment element that comes from a number of corners including the thrill of spinning the reels, winning when competing against other humans and also operating one’s favourite anime. the focus of this article is about the latter i.e. the entertainment element derived from operating one’s favourite anime. These are the top anime characters in casino games which players can operate.

Sakura Lady

This online slot is one of the very first anime themed games. The game comes from the Konami stable, one of the most respected game developers today. The anime character in this slot game depicts a beautiful Japanese lady, Sakura. Sakura in Japan is a lady known for bringing wealth and happiness whenever she visits. As such, when spinning the five reels of this slot, the player can also expect to be visited by Sakura Lady who in turn is likely to leave the player with newly acquired wealth and happiness.

Bikini Anime Slots

While other games feature just one anime or anime from just one sector, Bikini Anime Slots features anime characters from several games/sectors. These anime characters will be clad in sexy bikinis and the action takes place mostly on the beach where you get to watch the anime characters resting on the strips of white sandy beaches.

Toki Time

Toki Time is a beautiful slot game that comes with cute anime characters. During our early years on this earth, most of us loved playing with dolls and toys. Most girls loved dolls f all forms and sizes and for most boys, they loved toys including animal toys. In this slot game, the anime characters are drawn from the dolls and toys that players used to play with when they were young. The anime characters that players will find when playing Toki Time include cute dolls, cute differently coloured cat anime and cloud anime.

Koi Princess Slot

Koi Princess Slot takes place at a well-kept pond. At this pond, the player gets to interact with different anime. There is the kawaii i.e. the female Asian anime who will act as the mascot when spinning the reels. The kawaii will cheer you on when you are spinning the reels, she will congratulate you each time that you hit a winning combination and she will also commiserate with you each time that you fail to hit a winning combination. On the reels, there are also some anime characters. These include the Koi Princess herself and different animal anime characters.

Nine-Tailed Ninja

Nine-Tailed Ninja is a slot game which takes place in different seasons. As such, you will get to see and operate different anime characters in different seasons. However, though there are different anime characters in different seasons, there are also some anime characters which are present in all seasons including the male guardian ninja who will always be manning the gates of the slot.

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