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Top Things You May Not Know About Anime Posted Jan 13, 2020

Even the most die-hard fans wouldn’t know all about the vast Anime universe. But fret not. We are here to fill in those gaps and provide you with information that is set to leave you floored. It is an ever-expanding genre and here are some important things that you should know the next time you watch your favorite Anime.

Disney is responsible for the art of Anime

Top Things You May Not Know About Anime

It is no wonder that the art of Anime has virtually no limits though, as most enthusiasts would know, most of it can be laid at the feet of Osamu Tezuka. His style has been influential on the posterity the same way he had his own inspirations and influences. One major influence was the Disney animation of his era which included movies like Bambi and Mickey Mouse.

His most known character, Astro Boy, was created to look similar to the Disney animated characters. The style took off from there and all else is history. There are many slots based on multiple Anime just click to play in Spin Palace Casino for real money. Most of them retain the popular anime characters and have their designs and soundtracks that faithfully represent the Anime.

The first ever Anime to feature voice acting recorded in space

Top Things You May Not Know About Anime

An anime about a couple of boys with ambitions to become astronauts, Space Brothers is one of the rare gems that are focused more on realism and less so on fantasy. If you’re, like the boys, a space buff, there are various reasons why you would love this flick.

Perhaps its most awesome element is featured in its thirty-first episode. The voice recording for this episode was recorded in outer space. This monumental task was undertaken by Akihiko Hoshide, an astronaut, who recorded his voice for the episode when he was above the ISS.

There are almost 7400 episodes in the longest ever anime series

Top Things You May Not Know About Anime

There are many series that fizzle about before they reach their peak. But Sazae-san has managed to generate more than 7400 episodes and it’s still not over. However, the episodes do not go beyond six minutes which is one reason why it has lost some popularity. Still, the closest second, Manga Nippon Mikashibanashi has only 1400 episodes.

Product placements in Anime

Top Things You May Not Know About Anime

Hardly will you ever find a popular show or movie that doesn’t contain product placements, and unfortunately, Anime is no exception. It is easy to see why companies would try to get their name out there in the market through Anime since the format is perfect to reach out to millions of people at once.

Ghibli Studio is named after an airplane

It shouldn’t come as news that Hayao Miyazaki loves airplanes which is evident in many of his movies. He even named his company, Ghibli, after one. If you’re into World War 2 aircraft, you would recognize the Italian aircraft that the company was named after.

The word Gundam is a portmanteau

Gundam Wing has had a lot of makeovers since it was green lighted. It was originally called Gundom, a portmanteau, meaning a combination of two words – “Gun” and “Freedom”. However, Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator, changed it further to evoke the idea of utilizing robots as dams to keep opponents held back.

The uncanny inspiration for Titans in Attack on Titan

It may sound incredulous but the creation of Titans can be attributed to an incident that Hajime Isayama, the creator, had with a drunkard at a cyber cafe. Though he was only the catalyst, it inspired Isayama to understand how problematic it can sometimes be to connect with others even when they are of the same species. Furthermore, it also made him understand that the most horrifying animal of all is one that is most easily recognizable: human beings.

This anime character has 22 different voice actors

Top Things You May Not Know About Anime

Every episode that features Eucliwood Hellscythe in “Is This a Zombie?” has seen the character being voiced by a different actor. It may feel unrealistic but given the fact that the character rarely says anything, it is quite a unique feat.

The reason given by the creators is that the voice was projected or imagined by the protagonist who is weak in will. Sounds plausible enough, but nevertheless is quite a unique feature of the Anime.

Anime is much older than people realize

Most people believe that Anime goes back to the 1950s but in fact, it is much older than that. Animation done in Japan goes back all the way to 1907. Since the records weren’t studiously kept back then, there is no telling if that is fully true, or if in reality, they don’t go even further back.

In those times, it was an extension of the artists who experimented with this art form a few decades before Osamu came into the picture and perfected the art.

How much do Japanese animators earn?

Top Things You May Not Know About Anime

For the average animator, it is not even minimum wage. Their American counterparts on the other hand are paid incredible amounts of money. In Japan, however, it is quite a different reality. The work is grueling and requires the artists to work for long hours and even then, it sees them being underpaid.

It is even said that animators take breaks only when they have to belch from sheer exhaustion or if they are taken to the hospital. Given the unending supply of anime that come out of Japan, it is hard to imagine what the future holds for these animators who don’t even get basic wages and get breaks enough to end up in the hospital.

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