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Virtual Reality and The Gambling Industry Posted Dec 24, 2019

In recent years, online gambling has continued to transform itself again and again. Let’s think about it… There was a time when you wanted to spin on a roulette table or play some blackjack, you needed to go to a land-based casino. It was not until the mid-90s that online gambling emerged to give us access to games at home. The next big leap was when mobile phones and other devices entered the fray. This meant that players could play at anytime and anywhere! But now, the gambling industry seems to be heading into the next phase – Virtual Reality.

Over the last few years, the gambling industry has embraced VR as the logical next step. The first virtual reality casino opened in 2017. It only had 40 games that used VR, but it still proved to be popular with players and give the rest of the industry the green light to move deeper into this new territory.

VR lets players enjoy the casino experience, they can find themselves standing in the lobby, or a bar of a casino in different locations ready to play their favourite table game. A player will be able to play on a virtual slot machine or roulette table. It will feel as if you are smack bang in the middle of a casino. You will be able to roam around the casino, interact with dealers, or take part in tournaments. It is an immersive experience.

One of the great things about online gambling is the fact that it is always in flux, changing and evolving. This is one of its strengths. It seeks out innovations such as graphics, game features and Virtual Reality. However, in recent years it seems that the gambling industry is still trying to figure out VR and get past some of its limitations.

Players will need the right tech to be able to enjoy playing using Virtual Reality. For a start, players need to make sure that their PC or laptop has all the right specs. Oh, and you will need a Virtual Reality headset of course. There are quite a few on the market at the minute and they are expensive, so you need to choose wisely and do some research before you buy.

At this stage, Virtual Reality is quite a new idea and there is still a long way to go. This means that there are still a few issues to be ironed out such as the price of the tech and making it easier for people to use and more accessible to the public. This is important because a big part of gambling is about the social aspect – so, to make it attractive and profitable the gambling industry needs to find a way of attracting a new generation of players as well as keeping established players happy.

On the plus side, VR has begun to change the way that we interact with gaming. It will immerse you in the game and take you to new worlds. So, we must brace ourselves for the untapped potential of VR that is yet to come. As we do, we can still enjoy top slot games like Black Lotus which can be found at the Kitty Bingo site. Black Lotus is an anime-themed slot game filled with action and adventure.

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