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What Are Popular Anime Slots Like? Posted May 5, 2020

Online slots providers have come a long way since the days when machines had three reels, repetitive soundtracks, and fruits as symbols. These days, they get inspiration from trends, sports, video games, and anime.

Speaking of anime, there's a spike in the number of online casinos offering anime slots. How great are these games? How do they represent the genre? Are they worth your time, or should you ignore them? We’ve done the research for you.

For starters, these are some of the most popular anime slots online.

  • Koi Princess
  • Sakura Fortune
  • Fortune Girl
  • Demolition Squad
  • Moon Princess
  • Geisha Story
  • Magical Stacks

Top Tier Software Developers

For better or for worse, almost every major casino software provider is creating anime games. Playtech owns Magical Stacks, a game about a gorgeous princess who rewards you with free spins and multipliers when you help her find stuff.

Microgaming owns Fortune Girl while NetEnt developed Koi Princess. Developer Quickspin designed Sakura Fortune, whereas iSoftBet is the brand behind Demolition Squad. Geisha Story is the product of Play’n GO.

In other words, the software industry seems to be competing on who produces the next best anime slot next. That’s alright, though. The competition helps provide authentic games that are built with anime fans in mind.

Sound and Graphics Quality

When it comes to quality, technology is the driving force behind all online casino games. That means today’s anime slots support mobile gaming. They have HD or full HD quality resolutions. They feature excellent sound quality and can hook you into gaming for hours.

In all fairness, many slots aren’t developed to look as advanced as anime films and video games. They have simple graphics and storylines to grasp the attention of anime fans. But other than that, the focus lies on betting features.

As such, don’t get surprised by the fact that anime slots don't have visually compelling images, fully-developed stories, or VR support. You probably know all these things, and you know what matters the most in slots:

Betting Features

What is the return to player rate for anime slots? Do they have bonuses and free spins? Yes, slots have high rewards, free spins, and high RTP rates. Precisely, the games have a payout rate of between 95% and 97%. It's the industry standard for top RTP slots.

When it comes to paylines, bonuses, and limits, anime slots reflect similar games from their software providers. Take Fortune Girl as an example. It has a 96% RTP like its sister slot Immortal Romance.

It has a bonus round with free spins and multipliers—again like its sister slot. It has fewer paylines (15 versus 243) but a much more generous jackpot (1200 vs. 60 coins). This Immortal Romance Slot overview provides a more in-depth outlook at the game. It’s more popular than Fortune Girl, but its features aren't that different from anime games.

Anime Online Casinos

By now, you probably have an idea of where to find anime slots. They are available at most real money online casinos. For clarity, every casino decides which games to provide. But as a general rule of thumb, you can determine whether a website has your favorite anime slot by checking its software providers.

Fortune Girl, for example, appears on nearly all Microgaming casinos. In contrast, you can expect to find Magical Stacks while Koi Princess is available at many NetEnt casinos.

Before you pick a casino, though, know that they are not created equally. Just because a website has your preferred game doesn't mean it is worth it. Some casinos have awful customer service departments. Others take longer to process withdrawals.

To avoid landing on the wrong website, research several casinos offering anime slots, and compare their services. Lookout for top-rated operates. These are the companies most likely to treat you like anime royalty.

Free Spins and Multipliers

Casino players love bonus features like free spins and multipliers. As such, developers wouldn't risk leaving out these freebies from anime games. Otherwise, no one would play them. Sure enough, most anime slots from popular software makers have bonus rounds that award you plenty of free stuff.

Koi Princess, for example, has a bonus feature that awards you at least ten spins when it appears. Then there's a bonus wheel that awards you free coins when you trigger a specific set of symbols. The wheel is uniquely engaging, giving you a chance to decide your fate by selecting random bonus icons.

On the flip side, Sakura Fortune has a bonus scatter that awards you bonuses, a wild symbol that converts all other images to help you win. Fortunately, popular anime slots have top-rating when it comes to their symbols appearing.

You see—it's easy to fall in love with a slot that has numerous bonus features. But finding a game whose features appear regularly is challenging. That means not only do you need games with bonuses, but you need slots whose scatters and wilds appear regularly enough to magnify your profits.

Jackpot Sizes

Jackpots are a huge reason why people play online slots for real money. After all, who wouldn’t want to win $5 million playing slots? A British soldier once won £13 million from a jackpot game. An unspecified woman won €18 million, and at least one Canadian has won $7 million.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an anime slot designed to pay out that much money to winners. Sure, they have jackpots. But their grand prizes aren't as large as what you can expect from the age of Gods and Mega Moolah.

Geisha Story, for instance, has a pot of 10,000 times your bet. It's decent, but not so much considering you can't bet more than five coins per line. Demolition Squad, in contrast, has a prize of 4000 times your bet. Again, it's impressive, but not so much.

The Takeaway

Anime slots are more like regular video slots than jackpot games. They have impressive graphics, five reels, and small random jackpots. Some have numerous bonus features and unique features. But they are not designed to payout millions. Nonetheless, they are worth playing if you love anything anime.

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