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What Can We Expect from FIFA 21 and New PS5 Posted Jul 15, 2020

The FIFA console game series is always one of the biggest selling games of the year. FIFA 20 is currently out and the new 21 version of the game is hotly anticipated later this year.

The game has fans all over the world, but the UK market has always been towards the fore in terms of sales and the number of online gamers.

When the game hits the reviewers, there will no doubt be a big rush of people looking to check out the latest reviews to see where FIFA 21 sits.

There are many questions to answer before release, especially surrounding the new PS5, here are a few we have put together to help those who are already looking forward to the release.

Will FIFA 21 Have the Volta or Journey Game Modes?

The journey game mode originally launched in 2017 and was replaced by Volta in 2020. This has proved to be a popular addition on the game and EA Sports have announced that Volta will be back again in 2021.

It is expected that it will also have a new story line, continuing from how things were left at the end of FIFA 2020. Many players play this mode, so it will certainly be well-received news that it is coming back again.

FIFA 21 Career Mode: Can a PS4 Save Move Over to the New PS5?

Playing career mode and trying to map out the future of your club is an exciting way to play FIFA. This list of new betting sites offers Premier League betting for next season, with Manchester City the favourites to win the title.

Can you play as them and match what the bookmakers expect, or will you win back to back titles with Liverpool following their win in the 2019/20 campaign.

Perhaps the biggest career mode question right now is if saved games can transfer from PS4 up to the new PS5.

EA have announced that you will be able to transfer your Ultimate Team across from PS4 to PS5 when you upgrade but have said nothing regarding a career mode save.

When people move from PS3 up to PS4 this was not possible, and unless a big announcement comes soon, it seems likely to be the case again.

FIFA 21 Release Date

The official game release date of FIFA 21 around the world, including in the UK is October 9. However, there are a few ways in which players can get their hands on the game early.

The first early release will come on October 1, with those buying a copy of the game that includes EA Access or Origin Access getting to play the game from this date onwards.

A second early release comes on October 6, with those who order either the Champions Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game getting to play from this date onwards.

That leaves those who order the standard edition, they can play from October 9 onwards.

Will FIFA 21 Support the Free Next-Gen Upgrade?

Yes, the great news for those with an eye on new consoles is that FIFA 21 does support the free next-gen upgrade. This is available until the release of FIFA 22.

So, if you buy FIFA 21 for your PS4 or XBOX One and then buy one of the new consoles when they are released, you can upgrade your copy to play on your new PS5 or XBOX Series X at no cost.

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