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Who Are Some Of The Best Female Characters In Anime? Posted Jun 16, 2020

Ever since the first anime TV show was released, there have been many well loved characters throughout the years. For female anime characters they have been warriors, scholars, princesses, queens that have come from a range of classic and modern series and we have gathered the very best of them right here.

Popular anime characters and TV shows have had a big influence on many different growth industries over the years like mobile and iGaming. For example, there are a number of anime franchises linked to mobile video games, while TV shows such as Sailor Moon have helped to inspire online casino slots for adult fans like the Moon Princess manga-style title.

If you are looking for an entertaining anime to watch this year, or looking for a strong female character, here are just some of the best female characters that you can find in anime.

Yuuki Asuna - Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online takes place in an MMORPG which has taken its players from the real world and trapped them in the digital one. This is thanks to "full drive" technology, essentially a virtual reality helmet that allows from completely immersive experiences. These helmets keep the players trapped until they can beat the game. Much like in reality, most of these players are men but there are a significant number of women, too. One of them, Asuna, rose to fame and became known as ‘The Flash’ for the lightning speed at which she is capable of fighting. On top of her incredible combat ability, she is a loyal and kind person who captured the hearts and minds of her fans with her personality as much as her skills.

Serena Tsukino - Sailor Moon

Serena Tsukino was originally known as ‘Usagi Tsukino’ in Japan but she was renamed for American audiences. This character is one of the most famous and well-known women to be featured in an anime and became one of the most iconic characters of the 1990s. Sailor Moon told her story as a relatable if sometimes ditzy high school student who happened to be the reincarnation of the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. The show featured many sailor scouts and everyone had their own favourite but Serena, Sailor Moon, is definitely the most famous.

Erza - Fairy Tail

In the Japanese Manga series Fairy Tail, people who can use magic form guilds and one of the Fairy Tail guild's strongest members is the woman Erza Scarlet. Like many other popular female anime characters, Erza is an incredible fighter who can change between weapons and sets of armour to utilise different abilities, even during combat. In particular, she is distinguished by her ability to use sword magic. Everyone respects her and so she even serves as guild master for a time.

Ruby Rose - RWBY

RWBY may not be anime in the strictest sense but the show has earned its place in the hearts of anime fans thanks to its incredible animation and a strong cast of female leads. The four main characters and the primary antagonist are all women: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. They are all training to be Huntresses to help protect their world from monsters known as Grimm. This show oozes style and this is best exemplified by Ruby Rose who fights with a giant scythe that is capable of turning into a high-powered sniper rifle. Running from 2012, as of February this year the Rooster Teeth website has aired seven series of the show.

San - Princess Mononoke

San is the Wolf Princess and while she may not be this film's lead she is definitely the most impressive character. Raised by wolves, she considers herself to be more wolf than human and anyone who has seen her in action will be forced to agree. She exhibits an intense loyalty to her family, who are wolves, but her best trait might be her willingness to forgive people, even if they happen to be human.

Sophie Hatter - Howl's Moving Castle

This Studio Ghibli film shares its name with the book and in both Sophie Hatter is as brave as she is determined to see things right. She is willing to face down kings, soul-stealing wizards, evil witches and demons even after she is cursed to turn into an old woman and it is this no-nonsense approach that speaks of a rare form of inner-strength that makes her truly remarkable.

Major Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell

One of the best badass characters in anime is Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. This female human cyborg character is an officer who combines the ability to sneak through buildings full of terrorists with incredible sharpshooting to bring even the most dangerous criminals to justice. However, what really sets Major Kusanagi apart is her mind. She is a brilliant detective and it is her ability to navigate incredibly complex conspiracies to find the real evil pulling the strings in secret that has made her a long-time fan favourite. All throughout this she still retains a strong sense of relatability as she struggles with questions about her own humanity as she searches for answers and truth about the self in her existence as a cyborg.

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