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Anime Profile: Assemble Insert

USA Info
Japanese Info
Assemble Insert Asenburu Insato(ć‚¢ćƒƒć‚»ćƒ³ćƒ–ćƒ«ćƒ»ć‚¤ćƒ³ć‚µćƒ¼ćƒˆ) Assemble Insert
2 OVA episodes 2 OVA episodes
2001 1989–1990
Headline Sound Studios, RightStuf Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, Studio Core
  Masami Yuuki
  Ayumi Chibuki
Action, Comedy, Mecha Action, Comedy, Mecha
Maron Namikaze Maron Namikaze
· · ·
Chief Hatori Chief Hatori
· · ·
Kagairi Sonoba Kagairi Sonoba
· · ·
Professor Demon Professor Demon
· · ·
Ryouhei Shimokabe Ryouhei Shimokabe
· · ·
The Special Operations Group The Special Operations Group

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Assemble Insert

Deep in a big city, a gang called the Demon Seed is staging impressive crimes that the police just can't stop. The police even form a division of detectives to stop the Demon Seed, but they don't seem to help much either.

One day, Chief Hatori decides to recruit someone to be an idol-slash-power suit pilot. He discovers Maron, a super-strong young girl, and the end of the Demon Seed starts there!

This anime is a lovely parody of several 80's action anime, but some of the jokes will only make sense if you're familiar with old-school anime.

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