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Eren YeagerEren Yeager (エレン・イェーガー)Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)
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Eren Jaeger (Funimation dub spelling)Eren Yēgā (romanization)
Suicidal BlockheadSuicidal Blockhead
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Attack TitanAttack Titan
Intelligent TitanIntelligent Titan
15 years old (source: Manga chapter 19 page 26); 19 years old (after 4 year time skip)15 years old (source: Manga chapter 19 page 26); 19 years old (after 4 year time skip)
5'7" (human form) (source: Guidebook page 251); 13'1" (Pure Titan form) (source: Attack on Titan ANSWERS page 114); 49'3" (Attack Titan form) (source: manga chapter 8, page 5)170 cm (human form) (source: Guidebook page 251); 4m (Pure Titan form) (source: Attack on Titan ANSWERS page 114); 15m (Attack Titan form) (source: manga chapter 8, page 5)
138.9 lbs (source: Guidebook page 251)63 kg (source: Guidebook page 251)
"I'll kill them all!""I'll kill them all!"
Bryce PapenbrookYūki Kaji
Episode 1Episode 1
Attack On TitanShingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人)

Character Description: Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is a rebellious kid. Eren and his family (including his foster sister, Mikasa) are living a simple life in a village when suddenly a horrific situation occurred: a Colossal Titan came and broke the wall! After the situation, Eren's Mother was stuck in a bunch of fallen wall debris and then eaten by a Smiling Titan. Five years later finds him joining in Survey Corps as a means to extract revenge on Titans for his innocent mother's death.

He is a young man, 15 years old. He has a muscular build and is of common height. He has gray eyes and short, black hair (sometimes appearing brown) that falls into a part. He is commonly wearing his maneuver gear and standard survey corps uniform. His expression is usually calm, though he can get very aggressive and hostile when in Titan form. His Titan form can vary from 4-15 meters, though 15 meters is his Attack Titan form and 4 meters is his Pure Titan form. His hair becomes shoulder length and his facial features differ, such as his crooked nose, his deep-set eyes, and his misshapen mouth. He lacks lips and tissue on his cheeks, leaving his teeth revealed. Most Titans are not fit, as they appear either bloated or scrawny. Eren appears to be more muscular and have a more physically fit appearance.

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