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IrohIroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Dragon of the West
67 years old
Gray (was black)
About 4'7"
About 150 lbs
Zuko's uncle
"Ever since I lost my own son, I look to you as my own..."
Iwamatsu Mako (seasons 1 & 3), Greg Baldwin (season 3)
Episode 1, "The Boy in the Iceberg"
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cartoon Description: Iroh

Iroh is Zuko's uncle. He had lost his son in the war, which led to him becoming more of a father figure to Zuko. Once Zuko was banished, Iroh joined the young prince on his quest to seek out and destroy the Avatar, though his motive differed from Zuko. After helping to protect the moon spirit from Fire Nation forces, Iroh was branded a traitor and became a fugitive.

Iroh is really the only person who keeps Zuko from totally losing it. Iroh has always been looking out for Zuko, even before he was banished. Though Zuko may not always seem respectful of his uncle's support, you know that deep down he does appreciate it, and in the later episodes you can see signs of that. Iroh's wise and laid-back nature balances out Zuko's impatience and rage, making them a great duo and leading to many comedic scenes.

Cartoon Description: Iroh

The eldest son of Fire Lord Azulon and elder brother to Fire Lord Ozai, Iroh was first in line for the throne after his father's death. However, because of Ursa's intervention, Ozai became the ruler. When his nephew, Zuko, was banished, Iroh accompanied him around the world to search for Avatar Aang. Iroh is in jail for most of the third season, but manages to escape during an eclipse.

Zuko and Iroh have a rocky father-son relationship, as Zuko had not seen his father in three years, and Iroh's son Lu Ten had died several years earlier. As a master, Iroh teaches Zuko firebending, and is patient and calm even when Zuko gets frustrated. Iroh is usually passive, but if he has to fight he is extremely powerful. He invented a technique to redirect lightning by watching waterbenders, and taught it to Zuko in "Bitter Work."

His nickname, The Dragon of the West, came from two events: his supposed slaying of the last dragons in the world, and his siege on Ba Sing Se in his younger years. He gave up on Ba Sing Se after his son died, but he was the closest anyone had ever gotten to capturing the great city (before Azula).

He is almost always happy, and usually finds a bright side to every situation. He has an extensive knowledge of tea, and owned a tea shop in Ba Sing Se. He is one of few Fire Nation nobility who are respectful towards other cultures and ideas, and is mocked for it. He is strong mentally and physically, and gives advice to anyone he meets.

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