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PakkuPakku (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
60-70 years old60-70 years old
Water bending master of the Nourthern Water Tribe/ Kanna's past arranged husbandWater bending master of the Nourthern Water Tribe/ Kanna's past arranged husband
"I made this necklace...for the love of my life..."
Episode 18Episode 18
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Character Description: Pakku

Master Pakku is an old Water Bending Master of the Northern Water Tribe. Sixty years ago, Kanna, who is Katara and Sokka's grandmother, was arranged to marry Pakku. He made her a engagement choker necklace as is costume in the Northern Tribe.

However, Kanna didn't want to be ruled by costumes she didn't see as fair. She ran to the Southern Tribe and married and had a family. Pakku, saddened by the loss of his future wife, never takes a different bride.

He is Aang's waterbending teacher. Aang asks Master Pakku to take in another student along with him, but when Pakku finds out that Katara is a girl he refuses stating that in the Northern tribe women never learn the fighting styles of waterbending, but only the healing part of it.

When he finds that Aang has been teaching Katara was he had learned he refuses to teach Aang water bending anymore unless Katara apologizes. Instead, he is challenged to a duel and he and Katara fight. He beats her by freezing her body, all but her head and hands, in ice.

He sees something on the ground and goes to pick it up... only to find it the necklace he had made for Kanna. When he hears the whole story and finds out Katara is Kanna's granddaughter he agrees to teach her water bending fighting.

He later helps when Zhao shows up to attack. And when the attack is over and the Fire Nation troops leave after Zhao kills the Moon Spirit and gets killed himself. Pakku says they will now start to help the Southern Water tribe.

In the final episodes, Sozin's Comet, Pakku shows up and asks Katara for a hug for her new grandfather, and says that he made a new betrothal necklace. Sokka than calls him 'Gram-Pakku' and 'Gramp-gramp', which Pakku replies something along the lines of, "Let's just go with Pakku...". This all happens when Zuko arranges them all to be led to his uncle, and they end up back at Ba Sing Se.

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