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USA Info
SukiSuki (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
15 years old
About 115lbs
Female warrior
"I'm a warrior, but I'm a girl too."
Jennie Kwan
Episode 4
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Character Description: Suki

Suki is the leader of female warriors on Kyoshi Island, In Avatar: The Last Airbender. The warriors fight using tessenjutsu, a martial art involving iron fans or tessen fans. She and her warriors made their debut in Book One Chapter 4, The Warriors of Kyoshi. Kyoshi Island is part of the Earth Nation.

Suki is strong, independent, and stubborn but helpful and kind as well. She has feelings for Sokka, and is devoted to helping Aang and the unfortunate refugees of the war, after trying to stay out of most of it for years.

In The Warriors of Kyoshi, the gang stops for a rest when they are ambushed by warrior women. Sokka is upset and goes to them while they are practicing and while Suki taunts him, he takes the bait and makes a fool out of himself. Later he goes back and asks if she would teach him. She agrees, but only if he agrees to follow all of the traditions, which have a lot to do with the green warrior-dress outfit. When the fire nation attacks Kyoshi Island because of Aang, she tells him to go. He apologises for being so disrespectful, but she kisses him and tells him she is a warrior, but a girl too.

The first time you see Suki is in the episode The Warriors of Kyoshi, and she doesn't appear again until Book 2 The Serpants Pass, when Suki and Sokka share a kiss after helping Aang and a pregnant refugee, her sister, and husband across the pass to Ba Sing Se. For Book 2, she is last seen in a dual with Azula in Appas Lost Days.

Later in Book 3, after Zuko joins the Avatar's group, he and Sokka go on a little 'field trip' to rescue Sokka's father from a fire-nation prison. Instead, they find Suki. She was put there as she was the Kyoshi warriors' leader. They plan to escape, and almost do, but when Sokka finds out that some new prisoners are arriving the next day, they decide to stay and see if Sokka's father is one of them. He is.

After they all escape, with Mai, Zuko's girlfriend, helping them, Suki starts to travel with the Avatar's group, and helps Sokka and Toph to defeat the Fire Nation airship fleet during Sozin's Comet. She survives. They are all seen together at the end. Sokka paints a picture of them all, very badly, and draws Suki fire-bending as he thinks it's more dramatic... she does not think so!

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