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Character Profile: Minamo Kurosawa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Minamo Kurosawa Minamo Kurosawa Minamo Kurosawa (Azumanga Daioh)
Nyamo(by Yukari) Nyamo(by Yukari)
Human Human
Female Female
Late 20's Late 20's
Black Black
5'3"(source: manga volume 2) 161 cm(source: manga volume 2)
Teacher Teacher
"I told you not to call me that name!"  
Monica Rial Aya Hisakawa
Azumanga Daioh Azumanga Daioh

Character Description: Minamo Kurosawa

Minamo Kurosawa is a physical education teacher at the same high school that she and Yukari Tanazaki graduated from. She is also the coach of the swim team that Kagura is a member of. Minamo, or Nyamo as Yukari prefers to call her, is everything Yukari ISN'T... mature, thoughful, and cautious. She prefers to plan out everything in her life, unlike Yukari who answers every whim that comes her way.

Minamo cannot stand Yukari calling her by the nickname that she went by in their younger years, although the two of them are much like Tomo and Yomi are. She hates it when Yukari comes to her home just to mooch off her, or sleep in her bed, or make demands on her relatives that aren't her business. One example is that Minamo's uncle in Hokkaido Island sent a clay bear and Yukari wanted fresh crab, and the bear got broken from the fight. She cannot stand it when she and Yukari would go out and Yukari would make her pay for everything. And she REALLY hates it when Yukari would twist her arm around sports festival time and make a wager between the two. But she is Yukari's only friend, so she puts up with her.

Minamo is single, a fact which Yukari constantly taunts her about (as well as refering to Minamo as 'stupid' because she is a gym teacher). But near the end of the series, Minamo is concerned about her romantic future and seriously is considering an arranged marrage.

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