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Character Profile: Sakaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sakaki Sakaki Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh)
Ms. Sakaki Sakaki-San
· · ·
Ms. Sakaki Sakaki-San
Human Human
Female Female
17 years old 17 years old
Black Black
Purpleish-blue Purpleish-blue
5'9"(source: manga volume 2, page 84) 174 cm(source: manga volume 2, page 84)
High School Student High School Student
"What you were talking about earlier...Where can I find a real cat?" "What you were talking about earlier...Where can I find a real cat?"
Christine Auten Yuu Asakawa
Azumanga Daioh Azumanga Daioh

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Character Description: Sakaki

Sakaki-san is one of the many zany and funny girls in Miss Yukari's home room class. She is very tall and athletic and all of the girls think that she is awesome. Her chief rival is Miss Kagura of Miss Kurosawa's home room class 5. Although Sakaki doesn't really mind it, Kagura thinks of her as a rival, but a friendly rival.

Sakaki is obsessed with anything and everything cute and cuddly. She has a problem with every cat in the world... they all try to bite her hand off... literally. She has everything from kitty sheets and blankets on her bed, and kitty underwear and towels. She even names her toy animals like a little kid.

Sakaki is often the quiet one and the one that gives the most advice... well, her and Yomi Mizuhara. She even dreams about giant talking cats that eat tomatoes. She seems to get along with Yomi Mizuhara and Chiyo Mihama. Also, Sakaki has a rabid fan-girl named Kaorin that dreams about her. Freaky...

Editor's Note: I'm told that Tomo says that Sakaki is 5'5", and I'm also told that in one of the episodes it shows Sakaki's height as 1.74 m. Perhaps they changed her height for the English version? If you have any additional information about this, please contact me. I'm also told that part way through the series it is said that she broke 1.80m, so apparently she's growing. Typical for real people, but a bit unusual for anime characters.

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