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Tomo TakinoTomo TakinoTomo Takino (Azumanga Daioh)
"The Wildcat High School Girl"
15 years old15 years old
5'1" (source: manga volume 2, page 21)154 cm (source: manga volume 2, page 21)
"I'm so totally late! Holy freakin' crap!"
· · ·
"Now we're tied Chiyo-chan! Oh yeah!"
Mandy ClarkChieko Higuchi
Episode 1Episode 1
Azumanga DaiohAzumanga Daioh

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Character Description: Tomo Takino

Tomo Takino (Azumanga Daioh) Tomo is loud, crazy, obnoxious... basically she's completely insane. NOTHING she says makes any sense in the least bit, and her grades suck. She usually copies off of Chiyo or Yomi, her best friends since grade school. She's the troublemaker of the Azu group, but that's what everybody loves about her, right?

Tomo is the wildcat high school girl. She always challenges people, or things, becomes an arch-rival to new students, and does things to impress people. She's trying to be the "best" student in the class.

She thinks she's good at everything, like in sports, watermelon smashing, going for the record, and so on, but she's not.

Character Description: Tomo Takino

Takino Tomo is energetic, to say the least. She seems to enjoy opposing people, and loves competition. She loves competition even to the point of making stupid decisions for it, such as challenging the ever intelligent Chiyo-chan in a brains match (not that poor Chiyo could care less who's smarter), and challenging Sakaki to a sports match (which Sakaki doesn't care about but wins anyway).

Tomo is the one who forms the group of students "The Numbnuts", a group which makes consists of Osaka, Kagura, and herself. All three of them are have integrated themselves into this group because they have less than amazing grades.

Tomo likes to think of herself as 'perfect', even though she has rather bad grades, and is average at sports.

Character Description: Tomo Takino

Tomo Takino could be considered on of the wildest of the cast of Azumanga Daioh. She is usually boastful and competitive, almost to the point of annoyance. She constantly challenges her fellow students to various "contests", mostly to prove that she's the best. But in the end, she usually ends up on the losing end (for which she will not admit), mostly because she runs out of steam in the end.

When it come to her grades, she is one of the worst in the class. She is also the de-facto leader of the "Knuckleheads", which consist of herself, Osaka and Kagura. She often copies off of Chiyo-chan or her best friend Yomi, or she pleads with Yomi to see the answers. And even when she gets the worst score, she doesn't see it as a loss, but a minor misstep.

However, Tomo has shown that she CAN get good grades when she applies herself. When she found out Yomi, who was her friend since childhood, was going to the high school they're in right now, she had spent a year studying at home or in cram schools so that she can get in. In their final year of high school, she made the announcement that she planned to become an Interpol agent. If she applies herself, maybe she can!

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