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Nice HolystoneNisu Horisuton (ニース ホーリーストーン)Nice Holystone (Baccano!)
19 years old19 years old
Explosives expert, co-leader of a gang with Jacuzzi SplotExplosives expert, co-leader of a gang with Jacuzzi Splot
"Let's go everyone, or we'll get caught up in the blast, too!"
Colleen ClinkenbeardYu Kobayashi (小林 ゆう)
Episode 1, "The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything About the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character"Episode 1, "The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything About the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character"

Character Description: Nice Holystone

Nice Holystone loves seeing things blow-up. As an explosives expert, she is always finding novel ways of blowing-up things. But in 1926, this fascination almost killed her. She was in the backyard in her home in Chicago, mixing up chemicals to a new explosive she was making. She was putting in another component to the compound when the contents exploded in her face.

Nice survived the blast, but her upper body was burned extensively, as well as losing her right eye. One night, she was sitting in her room feeling totally despondent about her injuries, when her longtime friend Jacuzzi Splot knock at her window. When she opened the curtain, she found the boy had tattooed the left side of his face, mostly to cheer Nice up about her disfigurement. Jacuzzi, true to his nature, misunderstood the tears of joy Nice was crying and started crying himself.

Nice, along with Jacuzzi, would form a gang of delinquents that would specialize in small crimes, which would include minor theft to bootlegging liquor. One of those capers would take them onboard the transcontinental train Flying Pussyfoot, where they would make friends with Issac Dian, Miria Harvent, Czeslaw Meyer, as well as Natalie and Mary Berium, the wife and daughter of Senator Manfred Berium.

However, the plan was to heist a load of explosives the train was carrying (owned by Czeslaw), then dump the load over and sell it on the black market. What the gang didn't count on was they would end-up getting caught-up in a battle between the Lemures, who planned on kidnapping Natalie and Mary to force Senator Berium to free their leader, the immortal Huey Laforet, as well as the Russo gang, who planned on slaughtering the passengers of the train led by their leader Ladd Russo.

After the affair was over, the gang was hired-on by Eve Genoard, where they had managed to sell the explosives to miners and movie studios for a hefty profit. Nice and Jaccuzi had also taken-in a new member – Huey's daughter Chane, who had fought both the Lemures and the Russo gang. Nice and Jaccuzi, along with the rest of their gang – as well as the surprise addition of Vino – would come to Chane's aid when she was kidnapped by Graham Spector and his gang, thinking Chane was Eve.

Nice is in the habit of carrying ceramic grenades on her body. These grenades would be used in battle... or because Nice likes blowing-up stuff! She even keeps a small grenade hidden in her right eye socket, covered with her eye patch.

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