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RachelReichiru (レイチェル)Rachel (Baccano!)
19 years old19 years old
Information broker for The Daily Days, railroad vagabondInformation broker for The Daily Days, railroad vagabond
Trina NishimuraShizuka Itou (伊藤 静)
Episode 1, "The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything about the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character"Episode 1, "The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything about the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character"

Character Description: Rachel

The daughter of a disgraced railroad engineer, Rachel works as an information broker for the Daily Days. She's often in the habit of stowing away on passenger cars, and was onboard the Flying Pussyfoot when the Lemures Gang attempted to hijack the train, the purpose was to take hostage Natalie and Mary Beriam, the wife and daughter of Senator Manfred Beriam, the object being to free their 'leader', the immortal Huey Laforet (it didn't help to have the Russo Gang onboard as well, who were searching for Jacuzzi Splot, as well as hoping for a senseless bloodbath). The Lemures were only aware of her because of the green fatigues that she usually wears.

For the most part, Rachel stayed outside the conflict, clinging to the outside of the train as it sped along. She DID run into a blood-covered Claire Stanfield during the incident as he was killing the Lemures, terrifying her when he asked 'Your ticket please?' However, her non-participation in the incident changed when she rescued the Beriams from the Lemures and told them to go to the second-class cars for their safety. She also rescued Nice Hollyfield and Nick from them as well, but was shot in the leg as a result.

After the conflict, Rachel contacted Czeslaw Meyer – who she saw getting killed by Claire – on the insistence of the President of the Daily Days. She was even contacted by Claire, mostly on how to best approach Huey's mute daughter Chane on the prospect of marriage.

Early in her childhood, Rachel's father was involved in a horrible derailment, and although the cause was mechanical failure, he was blamed for the accident. Rachel's love for the railroad came from her father's continued love for them despite his anguish, and the reason she often stows away is possibly because of the bitterness she feels about how her father was treated by the industry that disgraced him. This could explain the reasons she rides trains with buying a ticket, as well as her reasons for rescuing the Beriams, Nice and Nick.

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