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Ronny SukiartRoni Sukiato (ロニー・スキアート)Ronny Sukiart (Baccano!)
The Demon
Unknown, but appears in his mid 40'sUnknown, but appears in his mid 40's
Blonde (human form)Blonde (human form)
Blue (human form)Blue (human form)
Secretary to the Martello familySecretary to the Martello family
"Oh well... whatever."
Chuck HuberNobutoshi Kanna (神奈 延年)
Episode 7, "Everything Starts Aboard the Advenna Avis"Episode 7, "Everything Starts Aboard the Advenna Avis"

Character Description: Ronny Sukiart

An executive and secretary with the Martello family, Ronny Sukiart works closely with the family's bookkeeper Maiza Avaro. What is not suspected, however, is that Ronny is actually the demon summoned by Maiza in 1711 onboard the Advenna Avis. As per Maiza's unspoken request, Ronny had given them the Grande Panacea, giving those present the gift of immortality.

However, as part of that immortality, he gave them three convents that they MUST abide. First, none of the immortals could address themselves in aliases. If they do so, they would be lost forever. Second, if any immortal wishes to share any information with another immortal, all the first one has to do is to touch his right hand to the other's head, then that person would give that information.

The third was most horrific. If any immortal wished to end his or her existence, they were to simply seek-out another immortal, then that immortal places his right hand on the other's head and thinks 'I wish to eat'. Then the body of the immortal wishing death would be consumed by the other along with all his memories and thoughts, leaving behind that person's clothing.

Of course, the demon was quite surprised when Szilard Quates, flush with his new abilities, went on a rampage and consumed three immortals, which included Maiza's younger brother Gretto. But he was equally surprised by Elmer Albatross, who tried to distract Szilard but fell into the Atlantic Ocean. Fascinated, he visited Elmer as he awaited rescue and offered him a wish. Elmer complied and made his wish – but not for himself. He wished that the demon keep an eye on Maiza, but as a human, until the day he could be able to live his new life in complete happiness.

The demon, now as Ronny, complied. However, he does so not wholly because of Elmer's wish, but out of his own curiosity about human nature, much the same as Huey Laforet does.

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