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Anime Profile: Basilisk

USA Info
Japanese Info
Basilisk Basilisk - Kouga Ninpou Chou("Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls")(バジリスク 甲賀忍法帖) Basilisk
· · ·
  Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls
24 TV Episiodes 24 TV Episiodes
August 8, 2006 April 12, 2005–Sept 20, 2005
FUNimation GONZO/Kodansha/Japan Digital Concepts
  Futaroh Yamada(novel), Masaki Segawa(manga)
  Fumitomo Kizaki
Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Historical Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Historical
Yashamaru Yashamaru
· · ·
Akeginu Akeginu
· · ·
Azuki Rousai Azuki Rousai
· · ·
Hotarubi Hotarubi
· · ·
Ieyasu Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Basilisk

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Yashamaru Yashamaru Kasaragi Saemon Kasaragi Saemon
Akeginu Akeginu Kasumi Gyoubu Kasumi Gyoubu
Azuki Rousai Azuki Rousai Kazamachi Shogen Kazamachi Shogen
Hotarubi Hotarubi Koshiro Koshiro
Ieyasu Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa Kouga Gennosuke Kouga Gennosuke
Iga Oboro Iga Oboro Mino Nenki Mino Nenki
Jimushi Jubei Jimushi Jubei Muroga Hyouma Muroga Hyouma
Jingoro Jingoro Ogen Ogen
Kagero Kagero Udono Jousuke Udono Jousuke
Kasaragi Okoi Kasaragi Okoi Yakushi Tenzen Yakushi Tenzen

Anime Description: Basilisk

In the year 1614, a war is raging between two Ninja clans, the Iga of the Hidden Hilt Village and the Kouga of the Manji Village, and each of them is supporting the current sons of Shogun Hidetada Tokugawa. Ten representatives are chosen to fight to the death for the possession of a scroll. The prize is the introduction of the respective son into the Japanese government, and the support of the Tokugawa government for the winning clan.

In this fight to the bitter end, Friend, foe and lovers alike all become the bitterest of enemies in this battle for supremacy.

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