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Character Profile: Daisuke Ito

USA Info
Japanese Info
Daisuke Ito Daisuke Ito Daisuke Ito (Battle Angel)
Human Human
Male Male
Late 30's to early 40's Late 30's to early 40's
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
Cyberneticist, bounty hunter Cyberneticist, bounty hunter
Guil Lunde Shunsuke Kariya
Episode 1, "Rusty Angel" Episode 1, "Rusty Angel"
Battle Angel Gunnm

Character Description: Daisuke Ito

Daisuke Ito was once one the premiere cyberneticists in the sky-city Zallum. His lover of the time, Chiren, who was also a cyberneticist, had also accompanied him down to Scrap Iron City, which laid below Zallum. However, unlike Chiren, Ito never wanted to return to the city in the clouds, and as a result, he and Chiren had parted ways, only meeting occasionally for a drink.

During the day, Ito would work on the various cyborgs that would enter his shop for repairs, often doing the job for bare pennies... or nothing! The rest of the day, he would scrounge around the various debris piles below Zallum to find spare parts for his practice.

It was during one of these forays that he had discovered Gally, her head and torso discarded among the various wastes in the piles where it laid for over 300 years. He was able to construct for her a new body, from one he had found years before. Sadly though, he couldn't restore Gally's memory of the past.

However, his night job is even more profitable – and sinister. Ito is also a "hunter-warrior", a glorified term for a bounty hunter. At night, he would walk the streets of Scrap Iron City, armed with a jet-powered spike hammer to hunt down the various mutants and cyborgs that would be reduced to eating the brains of innocents for a living. This is the REAL money-maker in his life, one with a genuine risk for injury or death. His office would have posted bounties of former fighters in gladiatorial battle, now fugitives.

It was during one of these outings, on a bounty job against the criminals Rasha and Grewcica that had gone seriously wrong, that Ito had discovered Gally's hidden talents of 'Panzer Kursk', a martial art unique to cyborgs, and the last practitioner known to have lived over 300 years ago – the same amount of time Gally laid in the debris field. Although he didn't want the girl to become a hunter-warrior, he knew that Gally had to follow her own path and didn't stand in her way when she registered herself at "The Factory".

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