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Anime Profile: Battle B-Daman

USA Info
Japanese Info
Battle B-Daman Battle B-Daman(‹B-伝説!バトルビーダマン) Battle B-Daman
· · ·
  B-Densetsu! Battle B-Daman
? TV episodes 52 TV episodes
April 2, 2005 January 5, 2004
ABC Family TV Tokyo/Nippon Animedia
  Eiji Inomoto
  Mitsuo Hashimoto
Action, Adventure, Fantasy Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Bull Borgnine Bull Borgnine
· · ·
Gray Michael Vincent Gray Michael Vincent
· · ·
Li Yong Fa Li Yong Fa
· · ·
Lienna Vincent Lienna Vincent
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Battle B-Daman

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bull Borgnine Bull Borgnine Wen Yong Fa Wen Yong Fa
Gray Michael Vincent Gray Michael Vincent Yamato Delgato Yamato Delgato
Li Yong Fa Li Yong Fa Enjyu Enjyu
Lienna Vincent Lienna Vincent Terry McScotty Terry McScotty

Anime Description: Battle B-Daman

The B-DaWorld is a land where people play the greatest sport called B-Daman. B-Daman sport is where you shoot marbles at things from a tiny robot. There are many different challenges in B-Daman game. Once an inventor cat invented the greatest B-Daman robot, Colbalt Blade. However, it was stolen by evil forces.

Six years later, we meet Yamato Delgato who was raised by wild cats. He now lives with his new mother, a woman. She works in a café. What Yamato doesn't know is that Colbalt Blade is sealed in the walls of the café. His mother knows that every time Yamato gets older, he seems to sense it.

Anime Description: Battle B-Daman

The main character is Yamato, a boy raised by cats, until a human female, Mie, found him and became his mother. A few years later, Yamato's home is attacked on his birthday, by a boy (Gray Michael Vincent) demanding one the strongest B-Daman ever, Cobalt Blade. And when Yamato accidental finds Cobalt Blade, his wish of becoming a B-Daplayer finally comes true... but not before having a battle with the skilled Gray first!

It's in that same episode that Terry (the blue-haired, sword carrying boy) and Bull (the 'clueless', 'sweet', skull necklace wearing boy) first appear. I don't remember a lot more, just that in the end, Gray, Bull, and Yamato become friends after saving each other's life... until Gray double crosses Yamato and joins with the bad guys (the shadow alliance) in order to save his sister, without Yamato and Bull knowing.

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