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GriffithGriffithGriffith (Berserk)
Ages from 17-20 yearsAges from 17-20 years
"Do as you please."
Morikawa Yoshiyuki

Character Description: Griffith

Griffith, the beautiful, charming young leader of the Hawks. More than anything else, he wanted his own kingdom. With his keen ambition and drive and shrewd intelligence, he almost made his dream come true. But what goes up must come down... This page chronicles his story.

Little is known about much of Griffith's past. He was common born but even at a young age he wanted to be much, much more. As a child, he was given an unusual, grotesque crimson pendant called the "Ha-ou no Tamago" which was supposed to signify its bearer as the future king of the world. This pendant became his guardian angel and may have also given him his ability to read into the intentions of other people (throughout the series you will see him "stare" at people to anticipate their thoughts and motives - the ONLY person this did not seem to work with was Gutts). Griffith hoped to rise up to aristocracy through military accomplishments, but first, he needed an army. He found the funds he needed by selling his body (for those of you who are really dense, prostitution basically) to Gennon, a governor of the Chudan Empire, and found the soldiers he needed by recruiting mercenaries. He met his loyal second in command, Caska, when she was a little girl. He aided her when she was being assaulted by an unscrupulous nobleman and she has been by his side since then.

By the time the wandering swordsman Gutts and Griffith crossed paths, Griffith was already an accomplished warrior and leader of the mercenary group known as the Hawks of the Kingdom of Midland. He cut a striking figure in the midst of his army; long white hair and pale white skin, a white horse, and silver armor and a helmet like a hawk's visage. The Hawks accosted Gutts but he stood against them easily, until Griffith graced the field with his presence. Later, in one on one combat, he bested Gutts in a sparring match and tells Gutts that he was now "his" (any yaoi implications from this may or may not be merely my imagination). Gutts joined Griffith's army and was appointed commander of his own platoon shortly after.

The two men became fast friends and ride through many battles together. The Hawks rose in fame, especially Gutts, feared killer of many, and Griffith, as a leader. Princess Charlotte of Midland took a personal interest in Griffith, which was frowned upon by various members of the court, including her stepmother the Queen and Yurius, the king's brother and next in line for the throne. In their eyes, Griffith was rising too fast in rank, especially for one who was not of noble blood. Yurius unwisely decided to have Griffith assassinated during a fox hunt and Griffith turned it around by sending Gutts to kill not only Yurius, but his young son Adonis as well. After successfully capturing Doldrey Castle from the Chudan Empire, Griffith was appointed as the White Phoenix General, which made him a member of the aristocracy. The Queen and her followers tried to poison him during the ensuing celebration, but Griffith already knew about her plot and burned down the Queen's residence, killing her and the other conspirators. All seemed well, but the quiet life did not suit Gutts and he left the Hawks. Griffith reminded him that he still belonged to him and the two fought once again. With a single blow, Gutts cut through Griffith's sword and proved that he had not been idle in his 3 years under Griffith's command.

That was the beginning of Griffith's downfall. He seduced Princess Charlotte, was caught, and sentenced by the king to be imprisoned in the Tower of Rebirth. His army, the Hawks, were declared renegade and chased down by the other Midland armies. By the time Gutts returned a year later, the Hawks were in ruins: injured men everywhere and the splintered forces in disarray. Gutts, Caska and a few others still loyal to Griffith, aided by Princess Charlotte's handmaidens, break Griffith out of the Tower, but it seemed that they were too late. During the last year, Griffith had been tortured repeatedly and maimed - his body gaunt and wasted and covered with scars. Gutts found him naked on the cell floor with only his helmet on (and from his reaction, Griffith probably didn't have much of a face left to speak of). The escapees were pursued by the King's army, but even after they broke away, things did not improve with Griffith. With nothing left but his desire to fulfill dream, he managed to rally enough strength to drive away in the wagon he was lying in. Gutts and company pursued him and finally found him lying in a lake, bleeding profusely from the neck (he had tried to kill himself by impaling his throat on a stalactite but he couldn't do it). Suddenly a solar eclipse occurred, and then things literally went to hell as the ground transformed into blood red faces and the sky filled with demons. Griffith's blood on the pendant had summoned demons of the God Hand. Maddened by his pain, his unfulfilled ambition, and a feeling of betrayal (Gutts departure, Caska's blossoming relationship with Gutts, etc.), he agreed to fulfill his preordained destiny to become one of the God Hand. He would be a king as promised and in return, he would sacrifice the remaining Hawks to the bloodthirst of the demons. The men caught up with him stained the lake red with their blood... everyone died except Caska and Gutts. He finally emerged as the red winged demon Femto and forced Gutts to watch as he raped Caska. The birth of the God Hand Femto was the death of a man named Griffith.

In retrospect, it was fitting that Griffith became what he became. He always had two sides to him. In front of ladies of the court and many of his comrades, he was noble, charming, well mannered and well dressed. A perfect gentleman. But with his enemies and detractors, he was ruthlessly brutal and readily resorted to blackmail and murder to eliminate anyone who stood in his way. He had no qualms about using people. Gutts knew both sides of him, and yet even he realized too late that nothing would stop Griffith from sacrificing those closest to him. But... has Griffith been lost forever?

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