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Anime Profile: Best Student Council

USA Info
Japanese Info
Best Student Council Gokujou Seitokai Best Student Council
26 TV episodes 26 TV episodes
  Mattaku Mousuke
  Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Paranormal Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Paranormal
Ayumu Ohme Ayumu Ohme
· · ·
Cyndi Manabe Cyndi Manabe
· · ·
Kanade Jinguji Kanade Jinguji
· · ·
Kaori Izumi Kaori Izumi
· · ·
Kotoha Kutsugi Kotoha Kutsugi
· · ·
Kuon Ginga Kuon Ginga
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Best Student Council

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayumu Ohme Ayumu Ohme Nanaho Kinjo Nanaho Kinjo
Cyndi Manabe Cyndi Manabe Pucchan Pucchan
Kanade Jinguji Kanade Jinguji Rein Tsunomoto Rein Tsunomoto
Kaori Izumi Kaori Izumi Rino Randou Rino Randou
Kotoha Kutsugi Kotoha Kutsugi Sayuri Hida Sayuri Hida
Kuon Ginga Kuon Ginga Seina Katsura Seina Katsura
Maachi Hisakawa Maachi Hisakawa Wakana Hirata Wakana Hirata
Mayura Ichikawa Mayura Ichikawa Yukimi Itami Yukimi Itami
Minamo Katsura Minamo Katsura    

Anime Description: Best Student Council

"At Miyagami High School, there is a group of beautiful maidens with more power than the staff members. Miyagami Gakuen - Maximum Authority Holders - Highest-level Student Council. Also known as... Gokujou Seitokai."

Rino Randou is a down-on-her-luck, ditsy girl with no parents and a puppet named Pucchan as her best friend. She has a mysterious pen pal named Mr. Poppit who invites Rino to come to the town Miyagami and it' school. But, when Rino arrives there is no Mr. Poppit and the apartment she was to stay in, was burned down.

When Rino made her way to Miyagami High School she met Ayumu Ohme who suggests she join the Best Student Council so she can live their dorms. Through a series of events and with the approval of the president of the Student Council Kanade (and some help from Pucchan) Rino finds herself joining the Best Student Council and all their zany and interesting adventures through daily life and school.

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