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BettermanBetterman (γƒ™γ‚ΏγƒΌγƒžγƒ³)Betterman
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
June 4, 2002April 1, 1999–Sept 30, 1999
Bandai Ent./The Ocean GroupSUNRISE/Bandai Visual/Japan Victor Company/TV Tokyo
Yoshitomo Kometani
Sci-Fi, Mecha, Horror, Paranormal, PsychologicalSci-Fi, Mecha, Horror, Paranormal, Psychological
King of Braves: GaoGaiGarYuusha Ou Gaogaigar
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Akamatsu βŠ• Akamatsu βŠ•
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Characters: Betterman

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aqua Aqua Hinoki βŠ• Hinoki βŠ•
Betterman/Lamia Betterman/Lamia Kankel βŠ• Kankel βŠ•
Forte Forte Keita βŠ• Keita βŠ•
Nebula Nebula Leviathan βŠ• Leviathan βŠ•
Oltos Ortus Salamander βŠ• Salamander βŠ•
Akamatsu βŠ• Akamatsu βŠ• Seeme/Luna βŠ• Seeme/Luna βŠ•
Chandi βŠ• Chandi βŠ• Yakusugi βŠ• Yakusugi βŠ•
Freaky Dr. βŠ• Freaky Dr. βŠ•

Description: Betterman

When the big theme park opened up in town nobody thought that it would be the biggest disaster to ever befall mankind. Algernon, the disease that warps the body or mind to suit its own desire (in the process killing the host spiritually), has infected everyone there.

Keita, at the time, is asleep having a dream. There's a girl in a very torn-up suit. She is saying something but he can't tell what. He looks down and he is also in a torn up suit. Then his alarm clock wakes him up. When he goes to school that day his class gets a new student, Hinoki, the girl from his dreams who is also his childhood friend.

Eventually, Keita gets to help pilot the Kakusajin, a machine that can deliver a very devastating attack called the Synapse Attack (for those of you wondering a Synapse is what the electrical charges between cells and nerves are called). Basically, the Synapse Attack is a fluid that attacks the nerve and cell receptors and their senders and literally destroys the cells.

However, the creature they are fighting is hardly effected by it, and knocks them down. But before it land the final blow, Lamia, called Betterman by the Akamatsu team, falls from above in a very fallen angel like pose. As he lands, he eats the seed of Nebula, a seed coming from the Animus which grows on humans when they die in a specific way.

Changing into the awesomely powerful dragon-like Nebula, he easily destroys the creature with the Psycho Voice, an attack that ruptures the cells in the body and makes them fall apart. And that's just the first episode...

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