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OltosOrtusOltos (Betterman)Oltos (Betterman)
Red with white pupilsRed with white pupils
100'3048 m
Ultimate form of BettermanUltimate form of Betterman

Character Description: Oltos

There is a legend among the Somnium. A legend that tells of an ultimate seed, powerful enough to kill any enemy. Lamia, Lord Pakila, Bodiajo, and Seeme all thought that it was the Seed of Forte. However, whenever Lamia came to rescue Hinoki and Kieta, he was forced to use the Seed of Forte (not because of the enemy but because if he transformed then Kankel would make an appearance).

Kankel had already killed Bodiajo and Lord Pakila, the king of Somniums, and today she would claim another. However, after he was finished with the Blossoms (a new type of NeuroNoid that was built specifically for combat) Kankel appeared behind him. Seeme (who i guess was in love with Lamia or something) flew down and transformed into Luna. Acting as a shield, she gave Lamia enough time to get out of Forte. However, Kankel merely had to launch a single hand to kill both Luna and the body of Forte. Changing into Aqua, Lamia got himself and the Akamatsu team out of there.

Later, when they discovered who was really behind Kankel, Lamia was beaten down by the Bromen. With Lamia barely alive, Kankel made another appearance. This time she killed the Bromen in one attack. When Lamia started dreaming, he saw Bodiajo, Seeme, and Pakila telling him that they knew how to get the ultimate form of Betterman. Lamia told them that even Forte cannot beat her. However, when three Seeds of Forte are fused together they create Ultos.

Eating the crystal-like Seed, Lamia changed into Ultos. Doing battle with Kankel, they fought until Kankel slammed Ultos into the Earth's mantle. Beaten and bruised, Lamia used Ultos' special attack, Psycho Rebirth. Healing himself, he flew up to Kankel and hovered there. Kankel attacked with the same attack she used on Forte and Luna, but Ultos was too strong. The hand hit his chest, but was held back by a spot of light, and was destroyed by that same light. However, Kankel has infinite cell regeneration and so the battle wore on.

Oltos (Betterman) Oltos (Betterman) Oltos (Betterman)

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