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Anime Profile: Beyblade

USA Info
Japanese Info
Beyblade Bakuten Shoot Beyblade(爆転シュート ベイブレード)("Explosive Spinning Shot Beyblade") Beyblade
· · ·
  Explosive Spinning Shot Beyblade
51 TV episodes 51 TV episodes
June 21, 2002 2001
Nelvana Nippon Anime/TV Tokyo
  Takao Aoki
  Toshifumi Kawase
Action, Shounen Action, Shounen
Beyblade V-Force(season 2) Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002(season 2)
· · ·
Beyblade G Revolution(season 3) Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution(season 3)
· · ·
Beyblade: Fierce Battle Bakuten Shoot Beyblade The Movie
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Anime Characters: Beyblade

Anime Description: Beyblade

The latest craze, the hottest kid sport sensation, an international event: Beyblades, the spinning, fighting tops where the objective is to knock out your opponent's blade.

The story of Beyblade is the story of the aggressive Tyson, the quick-thinking Max, balanced Ray, and experienced Kai. Four boys whose paths came together and eventually saw them form a team called the Bladebreakers.

Along their path towards new challenges and achievements, this team of bladers are gonna find out that there's a lot more to Beyblading than they originally thought.

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