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BrooklynBrooklynBrooklyn (Beyblade G Revolution)
"Secret Weapon""Secret Weapon"
15 years old15 years old
BEGA memberBEGA member
"If you wanna me to put you out of your misery I will" (to Kai)
Robert TinklerSouichiro Hoshi
Episode 135: "Out of Their Leagues" (Season 3)Episode 135: "Out of Their Leagues" (Season 3)
Beyblade G RevolutionBakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution

Character Description: Brooklyn

In my opinion Brooklyn is easily misunderstood. He's BEGA's prodigy and before battling Kai for the second time, he had never lost a battle. Brooklyn has a calm and cool manner, and he's usually seen outside without a care in the world. He seems to love butterflies. Hiro is his trainer. He duels Kai twice and Tyson once. The first time he dueled Kai he wins but the second time he loses and it leaves a sorrowful effect on him. The loss leaves him with an almost dead-like expression. He's mostly depressed, surprised that he lost for the first time.

Hiro is pressed by Boris to get Brooklyn out of his slump. Brooklyn trains intensely with Hiro for his last match with Tyson. However, he goes crazy. During his match with Tyson, he turns the arena into his dark little fantasy world, pulls everyone supporting G Revelutions in also, and almost kills A.J. Topper.

During the match, Tyson tells Brooklyn that it's okay if he was known to be a prodigy all his life, and that he's still a person. Brooklyn gets rid of his fantasy world and duels Tyson proudly. Although it doesn't show him lose his match with Tyson, people watching can say he did. That's the last time he's seen.

Character Description: Brooklyn

We first meet Brooklyn in "Out of Their Leagues." We see him along with Garland watching Tyson's battle with Crusher. Brooklyn seems to mysteriously think that Tyson will win and the world champion succeeds.

We later find out more about the mysterious blader when Hiro, Tyson's older brother, becomes his coach.

Brooklyn loves nature and never loses. He doesn't think he needs practice because beyblading comes easy to him. Hiro vows to change that attitude but is surprised when Brooklyn picks up everything so quickly. Garland warns Kai to stay away for the sole reason that Brooklyn never loses and doesn't need to practice. Kai then questions whether Brooklyn is human.

To fight in the Justice 5, Kai and Brooklyn must do battle. While Kai gives it his all, Brooklyn shows extraordinary power. Zeus, Brooklyn's bit beast, seems to have the ability to copy attacks and pays Kai a humiliating defeat.

The justice 5 has begun and it's Max VS Mystel in the third match. We get an insight on what Brooklyn is when he seems to predict that Mystel will conquer which doesn't happen.

In the fourth match Kai once again battles Brooklyn who isn't worried. Kai is showing more and more power and determination, and Brooklyn is done fooling around. But in the end, Kai is the victor, and Brooklyn loses for the first time ever. That puts him in a bad state of mind and he falls under the dark powers of Zeus. His mind is only on one thing, defeating Tyson. Hiro isn't helping much either.

In the explosive battle between Tyson and Brooklyn, we get a look at Brooklyn's childhood. He was always alone. The kids didn't like him because he always won beyblade matches. Brooklyn didn't understand that it wasn't just power. Tyson finally got through to him when his friends gave him their bit beasts' powers. The beyblade spirit was back in Brooklyn and he realized now he had friends.

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