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Character Profile: Henry

USA Info
Japanese Info
Henry(real name unknown) Hiroshi(ヒロシ)(real name unknown) Henry (Beyblade V-Force)
Shadow Blader 4 Shadow Blader 4
Demon Demon
Male Male
Over 10,000 years old(looks 16-18) Over 10,000 years old(looks 16-18)
Dark Blue Dark Blue
Red Red
About 5'6"-5'8" About 168 cm-173 cm
Wielder of the bit beast Dark Dragoon Wielder of the bit beast Dark Dragoon
"rise dark dragoon!"  
Johnathen Potts  
Beyblade V-Force the movie Beyblade V-Force the movie
Beyblade V-Force Beyblade V-Force

Character Description: Henry

Although the shadow bladers true names are unknown, they seem to go by the names of the kid's they posses in the movie. Shadow blader #4 is known as Henry in the movie. Henry is the strongest and probably most ruthless of the team. He controls the bit beast Dark dragoon who possesses incredible power.

He and the rest of the shadow spirits were banished into darkness for over 10,000 years. Apparently they used to help the humans because the good and evil spirits worked together to protect the humans. Then the humans began to conspire against the dark side even though at that time the shadow spirits were saving the humans. After this henry and the others were banished into darkness for over 10,000 years with no light and no sound at all. All they really had was their hatred, and all they wanted was revenge for being put into the lonely and painful darkness.

Henry seems to be the leader of the shadow spirits. He is shown to be somewhat patient, smart, powerful, and very bitter about his imprisonment in the darkness. He also doesn't seem to care much about his partners,because he thinks a bit beast is only part of a beyblader and not as important as the owner is. In other words he thinks the owner is the superior of the two. Tyson tells him that the bit beast and the owner are equal which seems to confuse Henry, but it doesn't change his mind about revenge.

In the end he is defeated by Tyson and Daichi, and is once again sealed into the darkness along with his bit beast Dark Dragoon.

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