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Anime Profile: Beyblade G Revolution

USA Info
Japanese Info
Beyblade G Revolution Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution(爆転シュートベイブレード Gレボリューション)("Explosive Spinning Shot Beyblade G Revolution") Beyblade G Revolution
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  Explosive Spinning Shot Beyblade G Revolution
51 TV episodes 51 TV episodes
2004 January 6, 2003–December 29, 2003
Nelvana Nippon Anime/TV Tokyo
  Takao Aoki
  Toshifumi Kawase
Action, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi
Beyblade(season 1) Bakuten Shoot Beyblade(season 1)
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Beyblade V-Force(season 2) Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002(season 2)
Boris Balkov Borcloff
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Anime Characters: Beyblade G Revolution

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Boris Balkov Borcloff Michael Parker Michael Parker
Brooklyn Brooklyn Ming-Ming Love Ming-Ming Love
Daichi Daichi Mystel Mystel
Driger Doraigaa Raul Raul
Hilary Tatibana Hiromi Tachibana Ray Kon Rei Kon
Hiro Granger Hitoshi Kinomiya Spencer Sergei
Kai Hiwatari Kai Hiwatari Tyson Granger Takao Kinomiya
Kenny Kyouju Garland Garland
Max Tate Max Mizuhara Moses Moses

Anime Description: Beyblade G Revolution

Beyblade G Revolution is the third and final season of Beyblade. The BladeBreakers/BBA becomes seperated, but unites during the second half of the season. Tyson, Kenny, and Hilary are still in the BladeBreakers, Kai is in Neo-Borg...then BEGA, Ray is the White Tigers, and Max is in the All Starz.

The characters are more mature (well, some of them) and they face new enemies, like Team BEGA and The Balthez Soldiers. The teams from the first season are also included.

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