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Character Profile: Jonathan McGregor

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jonathan McGregorJonathan McGregorJonathan McGregor (Beyblade)
Johnny McGregorJohnny McGregor
14-15 years14-15 years
Eurpoean ChampionEurpoean Champion
"They call me the Gladiator of Glasgow"
Joanne VannicolaChiharu Tezuka
BeybladeBakuten Shoot Beyblade

Character Description: Jonathan McGregor

Johnny is the 'hothead' of the European team, the Majestics, and is known as the 'Gladiator of Glasgow'. He's rude, impatient, and reckless, all the making of the knight he is. He's from Glasgow, Scotland even though we've never actually seen his actual residence. Always dripping with a sort of sarcastic comment, we can all tell that Johnny's tough and confident, exactly what a blader needs.

Like the rest of his team, Johnny has a battle outfit he wears when he Beyblades. It's an ancient gladiator armor complete with an axe which he uses to launch his Beyblade. In battle, Johnny is one hot competitor with his fiery Bit-Beast, Salamalyon, and a force to be reckoned with.

Besides being a great Beyblader, Johnny's also very athletic. We've seen him play tennis like an ace and he also mentioned that he plays golf. The one thing that Johnny doesn't like is chess, the poor guy lost 7 times in a row to Robert!

Johnny's relation with his so called 'teammates' is all buttery and sweet. The Majestics have always prided themselves with 'working alone or not at all' and Johnny's no exception. Johnny sometimes disapproves of Oliver's opinions and is afraid to comment on them. With Enrique, Johnny usually doesn't have much to say to him except for when he beats him at tennis. Robert and Johnny do not get along well because Robert always shoots down Johnny's opinions and gets the last word on it. So Johnny probably thinks that he's better off by himself.

Character Description: Jonathan McGregor

Johnny is the Scottish Beyblading champion, and is frankly very hot-headed and obnoxoius. He is part of a team called The Majestics who took on the Bladebreakers.

Johnny's Bit-Beast is Salamalyon, a yellow salamander which uses an attack called Fire Rod. It proved to be more than a match for Kai's Dranzer in a battle against him. However, they fought again, and Kai emerged the victor.

All in all, Johnny would much prefer if things were run his way, and he resents being part of a team. But he is a strong Blader and not to be taken lightly.

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