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Kai HiwatariKai Hiwatari (火渡 カイ)Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade)Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade)Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade)
13 years old (Beyblade) (source: 2nd Beyblade DVD) (born August 2nd)12 years old (Beyblade) (born August 2nd)
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14 years old (Beyblade V-Force) (source: 2nd Beyblade DVD)13 years old (Beyblade V-Force)
· · ·
15 years old (Beyblade G Revolution) (source: 2nd Beyblade DVD)14 years old (Beyblade G Revolution)
Two shades of blueTwo shades of blue
Reddish-brown (Beyblade); silver-gray (Beyblade V-Force)Reddish-brown (Beyblade); silver-gray (Beyblade V-Force)
About 5'6"About 168 cm
About 130 lbs.About 59 kg
Captain of the Bladebreakers (through most of the series)Captain of the Bladebreakers (through most of the series)
"There's no Kai in team either."
David RealeTakano Urara
Episode 1 - The Blade RaiderEpisode 1 - The Blade Raider
BeybladeBakuten Shoot Beyblade
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Beyblade V-ForceBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002
· · ·
Beyblade G RevolutionBakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution

Character Description: Kai Hiwatari

Kai's Bitbeast, called Dranzer, is best known for its Fire Arrow, Flame Sabre, and Blazing Gig attacks, but Dranzer also gives Kai's blade a defensive move called Spiral Survivor, which can give it an unusual spin that makes it a difficult target to attack. Kai normally plays aggressively, like Tyson, but he also has the wisdom of experience, so he also knows how to employ strategy.

Kai knows very little about his childhood, and before he became captain of the Bladebreakers he ran his own gang of bladers called the Blade Sharks. It will be a shock when he learns the truth about his early life late in the series.


On the 2nd Season (V-Force, episode 42, "Fortunes Dear and Dire"), when the BladeBreakers are deciding who will fight together, Hilary uses books to help them to choose. One of these books says that the youngest fighter needs to fight together with the oldest fighter, so Kenny partnered Max, Tyson, Ray, and Kai according to age. This showed that Max was the youngest, followed by Tyson, then Ray, and finally Kai. Hilary's exact quote is "For instance, that book says the youngest player should team up with the oldest player, that means Kai and Max should be partners".

However, the second Beyblade DVD contains character bios which state that all the Bladebreakers except for Kenny are 13 years old (if you can get a picture of this, please contact me). Why does this matter? Because I'm told that originally, Kai and Tyson were both 12, but then Tyson had a birthday and turned 13, making him older than Kai. And thus, this would create a conflict with the above stated ordering of ages.

Assuming they are both 12 to start with, if both Kai and Tyson had their birthdays sometime before or during the episodes shown on the 2nd DVD, then they could both be 13 years old as the 2nd DVD bios states.

Of course, I'm also told that Ray is the oldest among them, and Max is older then Kai, but he's also younger than Tyson. This would make Ray the oldest, followed by Tyson, then Max, and finally Kai. I have not been shown any evidence to support this ordering of ages and it conflicts with the previously stated information so I would not consider this order to be correct.

If you can provide any additional hard evidence from official sources regarding the ages of these characters, please contact me.

Birth Date

I'm told that Kai's birthday was said to be August 2nd by the creator, Takao Aoki. I'm also told that his birthday was seen listed on other websites as November 16th 1988, November 18th, November 9th, and April 17th. I've had many fans tell me that, based on Kai's personality, they believe he is a Scorpio (which is October 23 - November 21), but someone else pointed out that being abused by his grandfather throughout his life could alter his personality to what one would expect based on his star sign. If you know any more about this, please contact me.

Editor’s Note:

I've had a lot of people tell me that Kai was the leader of the BladeBreakers for a time, and then Tyson became the leader. Why do I mention this? Because I've also had a few people tell me that Kai was never the leader of the BladeBreakers. If you are one of those people, then you are WRONG! Kai was definitely the leader of the BladeBreakers. Well, at least in regards to the US version. In the episode when Kai and Tyson battle and Tyson wins, Mr. Dickinson says to Kai, "I was thinking more along the lines of making you team captain". This is in the first season, after the Regional Tournament, and Kai accepts. And all the BladeBreakers have stated several times that Kai is the Captain. This could very well be different for the Japanese version. In fact, I had someone email me that said he thought in the Japanese version, Mr. Daitenji (Mr. Dickenson) only persuaded Kai to be in the team because of his skill as a beyblader and not to be become the team leader for BBA team (Bladebrakers).

In V-force, however, after coming back Kai does not accept his title and the team is without a captain the whole season. In G-Revolutions, he was suppose to get the captain title back but left the team.

Character Description: Kai Hiwatari

Kai is an anti-social boy who has had a very hard childhood. He is captain of the Bladebreakers, and was forced into beyblading by his grandpa, the source of all his misery. Kai is a realist and the best at everything he does. He seems to hate people, but who can blame him; compared to him most of them are intolerable idiots.

In G-Revolution, Kai is in the Blitzkrieg Boys (previously known as the Demolition Boys) for some time. And apparently, Kai was also a member of BEGA for a short time.

The most important factor that makes Kai different is his self-reliance. Unlike his other team mates, Kai knows what he wants, what to speak and when, and considering his wisdom and age one can say that he is well ahead of his time. It's a blend of his vision and strategy that has helped his team mates win most of the tournaments (again the Asian tournament and American tournament).

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