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Kane YamashitaKain YamashitaKane Yamashita (Beyblade V-Force)
14 years old (born June 29th)14 years old (born June 29th)
About 5'6"About 168 cm
Member of Team PsychicsMember of Team Psychics
Beyblade V-ForceBakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002

Character Description: Kane Yamashita

When Kane appears, he seems to be a kind, young man who loves beyblading.

He and his team save Tyson's Grandpa from drowning in the river. Afterwards, Tyson and Kane have a friendly beybattle. Kane's moves are identical to Tyson's, and they end up with a draw.

Kane's personality changes when he gets his Beyblade 'Cyber Dragoon'. He becomes possessed by its power.

Character Description: Kane Yamashita

Kane seems to be the leader of his team. We meet Kane just before the Battle Tower Epoich. He and his team get out of the airport and while walking home they find Tyson's grandfather in the river because he fell in the water while fishing. They rescue Grandpa and Tyson, who is very thankful, challenges Kane to a battle. It's a very intense draw as both blades seem to be equally matched.

The scientists get Kane and company to use their Cyber Bit-Beasts. Jim went first, and the power was so great for him that he was corrupted. Kane and Selema were the last to go, but still remained a level of resistance to the Cyber Bit-Beast's extreme power.

Kane was the last hurdle in the Battle Tower. Tyson was the last one to fight. Time for the world's ultimate rematch. Dragoon versus Cyber Dragoon. Cyber Dragoon grew so rapidly that by the end of the match Kane was struggling for control of his mind and Cyber Dragoon was like twice as big as Dragoon. Tyson, who was severely winded because of the damage Dragoon had sustained, won the match, and freed Kane from Cyber Dragoon's power by destroying the Cyber Bit-beast. Unfortunately, the power waves Cyber Dragoon threw as it rapidly evolved had destroyed the structure of the Battle Tower, and Draceil was still trapped in side! At the end of this, Kane and all his friends left to find themselves after what had happened.

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