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Character Profile: Lee

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lee Rai Chou Lee (Beyblade)
Human(or possibly humanoid cat) Human(or possibly neko-jin)
Male Male
13 years(Beyblade), 16 years(Beyblade G Revolution) 13 years(Beyblade), 16 years(Beyblade G Revolution)
Dark Brown Dark Brown
Bronze Bronze
White Tiger Captian White Tiger Captian
Ted Cole  
Beyblade Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
· · ·
Beyblade G Revolution Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution

Character Description: Lee

Lee is the team captain of the White Tigers. He and Rei were once best friends, though that changed when Rei left the village to take his beyblading skills further. It was Lee's grandfather that bestowed upon Rei the power of the White Tiger Bit-beast, and although Lee wanted it for himself he allowed his friend to have it without arguing. As one could imagine, this kindness changed when Rei left, and for the beginning part of the series the White Tigers are in pursuit of Rei to defeat him and take back the bit beast.

Lee is quite hard to convince. He is quite set in his ways, seemingly fond of tradition as what his village is most likely based upon. Being a cat, or more specifically panthera leo, Lee does not like sudden large changes. Such things severely disorient a feline, which, like humans, are creatures of habit. If you have not guessed it, Lee is a lion. Just check out the large fangs and that mane. He is proof that humans (or human hybrids) start to look like their Bit-beasts, his being Galeon, the lion of dark lightning.

Mariah is Lee's sister.

Editor's Note: There is some controversy over whether the White Tiger members are human or neko-jins (cat people). I have laid out what I know about this on Ray's profile.

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