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Character Profile: Mariah

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mariah Mao Chou Mariah (Beyblade)
Human(or possibly humanoid cat) Human(or possibly neko-jin)
Female Female
13 years(Beyblade), 14 years(Beyblade V-Force) 13 years(Beyblade), 14 years(Beyblade 2002)
Pink Pink
Yellow Yellow
5'4" 163 cm
121 lbs 54.9 kg
"Lets get to work" "Oona nashochi"
Julie Lemieux Niina Kumagaya
Beyblade Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
· · ·
Beyblade V-Force Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002
· · ·
Beyblade G Revolution Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution

Character Description: Mariah

Mariah is a lethal beyblader with her Bit-beast Galux, she comes from the White Tigers team (which Ray used to be a part of).

Mariah is first portrayed as an old friend of Ray's. Mariah grew up with Lee, her brother, as well as Ray and the rest of the White Tigers, and she was heartbroken when Ray left, because she is deeply in love with him.

During the Asian tournament, Ray and Mariah share a bonding moment when they battle.

Editor's Note: There is some controversy over whether the White Tiger members are human or neko-jins (cat people). I have laid out what I know about this on Ray's profile.

Character Description: Mariah

It's everybody's favorite pink wanna-be feline! She's one of the members of the White Tigers, the team from China which Ray "deserted". She harbors deep feelings for Ray, and was the one who got hurt the most when he left their village.

Mariah faced Ray in the Asian Finals, to which she told him her feelings, and as the two of them battled, they soon found the happiness they once shared and lost.

Armed with her Beyblade Galux (a yamaneko, or lynx in the English sense), she is one of the only two female characters in the entire first season armed with a Beyblade and helped by a Bit-Beast. She and Emily seem to hate each other pretty well.

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