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Tala ValkovYuri IvanovTala Valkov (Beyblade)
16 years old16 years old
Aqua blueAqua blue
5'9"175 cm
143.3 lbs65 kg
"I'm the strongest beyblader around!"
Jonathon PottsChiaki Morita
BeybladeBakuten Shoot Beyblade
· · ·
Beyblade G RevolutionBakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution

Character Description: Tala Valkov

Tala first appears as a Russian Beyblader who seems to be really obsessed with power.

Boris and his scientists experiment on Tala in order to upgrade his battling skills. They add some things to him, turning Tala into Cyber-Tala. However, this causes his brain waves to mess up.

In the final tournament match, he loses to Tyson because he didn't really have much faith.

Character Description: Tala Valkov

In the first Beyblade series, Tala is the captain of the Demolition Boys, a beyblading team run by Voltaire, Kai's grandfather. Their aim is to win the world championships and take over the world using all the Bit-beasts they have acquired from various matches.

Tala is in the grand final against Tyson with his Bit-beast, Wolborg, and goes slightly insane during the match because of his need to win. Unfortunately, Tyson wins, and Tala is brought back to normal, taking the defeat with unexpected grace.

In Beyblade G-Revolution he is still in the Demolition Boys team, but now is going up against his previous mentor, Boris.

Character Description: Tala Valkov

Tala (Yuri in the Japanese version) is the team captain of the Demolition Boys, the team made by Biovolt (owned by Kai's grandfather and lead by Boris). Biovolt wants to take over the world.

So they trained their beybladers to become emotionless and ice cold. And so is Tala...mostly. He still had some emotions in him. He is easily angered and has an abnormal hate towards Kai. His hate is there because Boris favors Kai (when Kai returned to the Demolition Boys for a short while).

Biovolt decided to make Tala totally without emotions, so they made him into a cyborg. But after the World Championships Final it is shown that this didn't work and Tala still had some emotions left as he shakes hands with Tyson.

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