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The Big-OThe Biggu-Ou (THEビッグオー) ("The Big-O")The Big-O
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The Big-O
26 TV episodes (2 seasons, 13 episodes per season)26 TV episodes (2 seasons, 13 episodes per season)
April 2, 2001–April 18, 2002 (Season 1)Oct 13, 1999–Jan 19, 2000 (Season 1)
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August 3, 2003–Nov 2, 2003 (Season 2)Jan 2, 2003–March 27, 2003 (Season 2)
Bandai Entertainment, AnimazeSUNRISE, Bandai Visual, WOWOW, Sun TV
Hajime Yatate
Kazuyoshi Katayama
Action, Psych-Drama, Mystery, Mecha, Sci-FiAction, Psych-Drama, Mystery, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Alan GabrielAlan Gabriel
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Jason Beck
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Characters: The Big-O

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alan Gabriel Alan Gabriel Norman Burg Norman Burg
Angel --?-- R. Dorothy Wayneright --?--
Jason Beck --?-- Roger Smith --?--
Major Dastun --?-- Schwarzwald Schwarzwald

Description: The Big-O

Welcome to Paradigm City. It is a strange blend of old and new. 40 years ago, something happened, but whatever it was no one knows, for whatever happened left everyone with amnesia, thus its nickname: "The City of Amnesia". But life goes on. People learn how to harness the technologies left behind and learn to get by without the lost memories.

The series was originally marked to be left open-ended at 13 episodes. However, a loyal American fan following clamored Sunrise with the question "What now?" In a rare move, Bandai decided to grant their wish and continue the anime series. In a first, Cartoon Network itself took a hand in the process and are considered co-producers of the continuation of "The Big-O".

Description: The Big-O

Paradigm City (nicknamed "The City of Amnesia") is literally a place without a past. 40 Years ago, an incident called simply "The Event" wiped out the memories of everyone in the city. Now, the people try to rebuild new lives in Paradigm, although many people still have a need and curiosity to know the past. However, the only remnant of the past lies with the Megadeuses, giant powerful robots that "choose" their master.

Roger Smith is a wealthy master negotiator, who does his job the best way he possibly can. He is also the pilot of a Megadeus known as "Big O," which he uses to protect Paradigm City when the job gets too big for him to handle. With his butler Norman Burg and a mysterious android named R. Dorothy Wayneright, they quickly learn the uncovering the past only leads to more mysteries and even more dark secrets that Roger could ever imagine....

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