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Roger SmithRoger Smith (The Big-O)
The Negotiator
25 years25 years
Mediator, pilot of Big-OMediator, pilot of Big-O
Steven Jay Blum (alias: David Lucas)Mitsuru Miyamoto
The Big-OThe Big-O

Character Description: Roger Smith

The affluent and eccentric Roger Smith performs an important duty in the confused Paradigm City. He hires himself out as a Negotiator, a mediator between parties that can't seem to settle matters on their own. He carries out his trade with unmatched professionalism and class, adhering to his strict code of conduct. He is one of the best-known personalities in the city.

Roger Smith lives his life by a set of rules, and he expects those who live with him (such as his butler Norman) to adhere to them as well. The first basic rule is that black is the color of the house (all residents must wear black). The second rule is that should a woman come to call, she is to be admitted to his sitting room immediately. These and several other rules (such as his aversion to firearms) define Roger's gentlemanly character.

Secretly, Roger has another agenda. His other goal is to maintain the peace in Paradigm City. He had once worked for Paradigm's Military Police (Major Dastun had once been his superior) but quit out of disgust after he learned more of Paradigm's motives. Now, he does things his way, ways the law can't approach.

Roger has three key weapons available to him in case he has to face unsavory parties (especially the kind that want to kill him). The first is his car (black, naturally). It has a small array of weapons, a phone, and the ability to shield itself with armor. The second is his watch. Its face triples as communicator and remote control, and it comes equipped with a lifeline that he can shoot out to swing away from danger or stop a fall.

The watch is also his means to summon his third and biggest weapon: Big-O. This big black Megadeus itself packs several powerful weapons: heavily-shielded piledriver punching arms, grappling hooks at its waist, two eye lasers, and the crystal on his head called the Chromebuster.

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