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Character Profile: Tsutomu Senkawa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tsutomu Senkawa Tsutomu Senkawa Tsutomu Senkawa (Birdy the Mighty)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years 17 years
Black Black
Brown Brown
5'1" 155 cm
Student Student
"I am forgeting everything that I've studied!"  
Justin Thompson Tetsuya Iwanaga
Birdy the Mighty Tetsuwan Birdy

Character Description: Tsutomu Senkawa

Poor Tsutomu Senkawa. The kid has it hard. At home, his dad is a moron, his younger sister is always tormenting him, and his mom (the only sane member of his family) is always worrying about him. At school, he has it just as hard. His guy friends (at least one of them) are trying to turn him onto hentai manga (erotic adult comics), and the only one who cares about him is his girlfriend Natsume. And to top it all off, the night before the big admissions exam for senior high, he gets himself killed.

Then his life got even worse.

The whole thing started the night before Tsutomu was to take the admissions exam for senior high. He had left the house to clear his head when he ran into a man who was in fear for his life, saying that he was running from a monster (it’s odd that Tsutomu never noticed the explosions going off nearby).

Turned out that the man was actually an extraterrestial criminal, and he was on the run from Galaxy Federation officer Birdy Cephon Altirra. The criminal, Geega, then grabs Tsutomu and vaults to a nearby overpass. As soon as Birdy was in sight, Geega then throws Tsutomu at her. Thinking that Geega was attacking, Birdy then grabs the kid and gives him a fatal electric shock. It was only the sound of Tsutomu screaming that made Birdy realize that she had made a mistake. Geega then made his getaway.

Birdy then took Tsutomu to her hidden shuttle. There, her superior Inspector Megius ordered her to merge her body with Tsutomu’s. As a result, both Birdy and Tsutomu now share one body, which makes for some hilarious... as well as hazardous... situations.

Anatomically, Birdy and Tsutomu are separate beings. However, they are capable of switching places, often without Tsutomu’s permission. And once, they switched places with Natsume watching. How in the world is Tsutomu going to explain THAT?

However, if Birdy is going to catch Cristella Revi on Earth, then Tsutomu is going to have to give her all the help that she could use. After all, they have but one body.

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