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Character Profile: Creed Diskenth

USA Info
Japanese Info
Creed Diskenth   Creed Diskenth (Black Cat)
Creed Diskenth (Black Cat)
Creed Diskence(alternate spelling)  
Human Human
Male Male
23 years old 23 years old
White White
Blue Blue
5'9" 176 cm
143.3 lbs 65 kg
Type AB Type AB
Eraser/ Apostle of the Stars Eraser/ Apostle of the Stars
Chris Patton Miki Shinichiro
Episode 1 Episode 1
Black Cat Black Cat

Character Description: Creed Diskenth

Creed can best be described as psychotic and obsessive. He believes himself and Train to be partners despite the fact that Train barely knows who he is. Due to the growing relationship between Saya and Train, Creed kills her in an attempt to keep Train as an eraser, only to have his plans backfire.

He later leaves Chronos to start his own organization, The Apostles of the Stars. All of his plans are attempts to get Train to join him as co-leader of the Apostles of the Stars.

He has the power to manipulate ki in the form of a sword known as the Imagine Blade. He seeks to become a god so he implants nano-machines to make himself immortal. Creed suffers from a painful childhood, having murdered his mother when he brought her home flowers and she beat him with them. He ran away and lived on the streets.

Character Description: Creed Diskenth

Creed was Train's partner in the Chrono Numbers and has developed... well, to be blunt, Creed has a crush on Train. He is totally obsessed with the "Black Cat" and wants to rule the world with Train by his side. Because of his devotion to Train, Creed feels threatened by Saya and kills her with his "Invisible sword".

During the series he and Train fight many times, though he forbids any harm to befall Train while doing so. (He killed one of his followers because the man first shot at Train and then tried to kill Train when Creed was busy elsewhere.) Eventually, he loses his "Godhood" and is made a mere human again, after which he seems to become a whole new person and even helps Train, Chrono, and a whole lot of sweepers during the last episode save the world.

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