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Anime Profile: Black Jack: A Surgeon with the Hands of God

USA Info
Japanese Info
Black Jack: A Surgeon with the Hands of GodBlack Jack (ブラック・ジャック)Black Jack: A Surgeon with the Hands of God
· · ·
Burakku Jakku (romanization)
1 Movie1 Movie
Manga EntertainmentAkita Shoten, Columbia Ent., Tezuka Productions
Ozamu Tezuka
Ozamu Dezaki
Action, Drama, Paranormal, Sci-FiAction, Drama, Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Black JackBlack Jack
Black JackBlack Jack
· · ·
Betty Moore βŠ•
· · ·
Ellen Shryer βŠ•
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Characters: Black Jack: A Surgeon with the Hands of God

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Black Jack Black Jack Nomad βŠ• --?--
Betty Moore βŠ• --?-- Pinoko βŠ• --?--
Ellen Shryer βŠ• --?-- Roger Segal βŠ• --?--
Fendy βŠ• --?-- Thomas Johnson βŠ• --?--
Jo Carol Brone βŠ• --?--

Description: Black Jack: A Surgeon with the Hands of God

He doesn't have a medical license, but Black Jack is a master surgeon, capable of saving hundred of lives with his talented hands. Then he disappears. Such is the case of this character created by the legendary Ozamu Tezuka, who has also created Astro Boy and Metropolis.

Black Jack commands millions of dollars for his services, but those in need of his services gladly pay him. But he also has a detective's curiosity and instincts... especially with the theories of cause and effect, which is going to come in handy.

Around the world, a phenomenon known as "super humans" is having its effects... humans with extraordinary abilities are catching the attention of others. But how these individuals came into the world is a mystery onto itself. The detective doctor must somehow find out what is behind these super-humans... and why.

Description: Black Jack: A Surgeon with the Hands of God

The anime Black Jack: A Surgeon with the Hands of God was based off of Tezuka Osamu's manga.

It is about surgeon who is able to bend the laws of medical science so he can save the world from an alien race who are known as 'Super Humans.' At first it starts out as a man without a license in medicine of any sort, but his strange, yet amazing abilities help him save humans as a last resort. An effect of this is always growing wealth with the reputation that he is a god of medicine or something similar to that.

During one of the World Olympics held in Atlantis (not the sunken island), a group of 'Super Humans' join and win everything better than any-one else could even dream of. Soon the 'Super Humans' start to take over all of the world and are starting to rule over humans. Then a strange woman starts to call him. She doesn't leave her name of medical history with him, so he doesn't call her back about something very bad that is to happen.

Then a fourteen year old girl Black Jack operated on two years ago dies from her internal organs that aged to ninety years old. More strange things like that happen to humans. Finally, it is discovered the humans are being killed by the 'Super Humans.' So it becomes Black Jack's duty to study all about these 'Super Humans' in his laboratory, without very many people knowing, so he can restore Earth to the way it was before the 'Super Humans' came, and give hope back to man and womankind.

Black Jack is a man with white hair, and black hair ponytail on the left side of his head. He has a stitched scar next to his white cyburn on his right side of his face. There is another stitched scar starting in the center top of his forehead that smoothly curves over to the bottom left half of his jawbone. His mother died when he was very little, most likely before he was ten. The little girl with the red hair is his daughter named Pinoko. Pinoko is his assistant even though she is younger than ten.

I have only seen this in Japanese, and as a TV show, and I can't understand very many words. The movie was released in English, Portuguese, and Japanese during the year of 1996. The movie is an hour and one half. Hiroshi Fujioka plays Black Jack in Japanese. The series may come into America and other continents in a few years. The director of the movie was Osamu Dezaki. The movie was rated four out of five stars. The movie only had VHS dubs so the names of characters' voices is hard to find out. There are 61 episodes in the TV show.

In order used by the show, the opening three songs are "Gekkouka" by Janne Da Arc; "Here I am" by Globe; and "Fantastic" by Ami Suzuki. The three ending themes are "Kuroge Wagyuu Joushio Tanyaki Roppyaku Hachijuu En" by Ai Ohtsuka; "Clover" by Hiro; and "Careless Breath" by EXILE. The first ending theme, and starting theme are from episode 1 - 28. The others I don't know.

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