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CaptainCaptainCaptain (Black Lagoon)
Mid 40'sMid 40's
Mercenary under the employ of the Extra Order CompanyMercenary under the employ of the Extra Order Company
"These guys have got energy!"
Paul DobsonMasahiko Tanaka
Episode 1, "The Black Lagoon"Episode 1, "The Black Lagoon"
Black LagoonBlack Lagoon

Character Description: Captain

Captain, as he's known by his fellows, is a mercenary under contract with the Extra Order Company, a private security firm that was contracted by Kageyama of Asahi Heavy Industries. His job – eliminate the Lagoon Company, as well as their hostage Rock, mainly because of the computer disc Rock was carrying when he was taken.

A veteran of the Liberian Civil War of the 1990's, Captain is an experienced soldier, with no qualms about killing anyone he was hired to kill. He's also a thrill-seeker, always looking for a worthy opponent to face-off against – which proved to be his undoing.

The first attack against the Lagoon Company was at the Yellow Flag Bar. Captain and his fellows staged a hit from outside, killing most of the patrons. What they didn't count-on was Revy and Dutch, as well as a very irate Bao (because his bar was getting shot-up and threatening to make the Lagoon Company pay for the repairs and restocking), making a counter attack, killing sixteen of the mercenaries and wounding eight. The way the EO mercenaries were defeated impressed Captain, and he eagerly awaited another chance to face them. Later, while acting as the gunner of a modified Soviet Union-era Mil Mi-24 'Hind' helicopter gunship, he chased the Black Lagoon into the mouth of a river that had a dead-end, then waited for them to return so that he could kill them.

What he didn't count-on was that Rock had formulated a risky plan to save his captors. In facing-off the gunship, the Black Lagoon used the sunken hulk of an old warship as a ramp and went airborne – with the gunship in front of them. Dutch, piloting the PT boat, then launched two of the torpedoes at it – with the fatal one hitting Captain square in the face before bringing the gunship down!

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