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Character Profile: Chin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chin Chin Chin (Black Lagoon)
Human Human
Male Male
Mid 40's Mid 40's
Black Black
Brown Brown
Minor crime boss Minor crime boss
"You won't get any second chances from me, Dutch." "You won't get any second chances from me, Dutch."
Louis Chirillo Suetsu Tokaichi
Episode 3, "Ring-ding Ship Chase" Episode 3, "Ring-ding Ship Chase"
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon

Character Description: Chin

Chin was a minor crime boss in Roanapur. Although he is Chinese, he is not connected in any way to Mr. Chang's Triad. He had became jealous of how Balalaika – who was a Russian and considered an outsider to the island by most of the minor bosses – had become successful while his business had gone down the tubes. He had tried to persuade Dutch to contract with him, but because Dutch had little faith in Chin's integrity, he had given Chin the cold shoulder. Angry, Chin had contracted Luak and his pirate fleet (six small boats) to ambush the Lagoon Company and sink it. He also tricked a trusted source for Dutch by giving him phony information about a job for Dutch.

However, Chin also had one fatal flaw: he had no sense of discretion. He had openly boasted about setting up Dutch, so much so that the entire island had learned of his plans. But when he found out that Revy had single-handedly killed-off Luak's men and boats, he tried to flee the island – only to be stopped by Balalaika and "Hotel Moscow". To placate Dutch's sore feeling about their misfortune, the Russian had Chin killed, blowing him up in his room.

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