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ElvisElvis (Black Lagoon)
Mid 40'sMid 40's
Head of the Neveral Cartel in RoanapurHead of the Neveral Cartel in Roanapur
Paul DobsonTetsuya Kakihara (柿原 徹也)
Episode 16, "Greenback Jane"Episode 16, "Greenback Jane"
Black LagoonBlack Lagoon

Character Description: Elvis

Elvis is the Roanapur head of the Neveral Cartel, based out of Miami, Florida. A Cuban American and willfully ignorant in the criminal ways of the island, he was the one that hired Greenback Jane and moved her and her operations to Roanapur to make counterfeit $100 bills. However, he had lost patience with her perfectionist ways and killed her German computer expert Theo in front of her, then ordered her to produce the bills in two days (Elvis did not know that the plates for the bills were in cloud storage, with Theo the only one knowing the special encryptions to retrieve them. Benny later found the plates).

Panicking, Jane broke free from her captors, then using what knowledge she was able to glean, made for the Rip-Off Church, for which Revy and Eda were drinking at the time. Following her, Elvis, despite warning from Lobos at the time, made the mistake of shooting over Jane's head, damaging the door to the church near Eda's head... and shooting Revy's drink from her hand! Angered, Revy, as well as Eda, Rico and Sister Yolanda, shot at Elvis and his gang, forcing them to retreat.

This incident might have caused other individuals more familiar with the nuances of the dealings in Roanapur to reconsider their actions. But Elvis, who had to be hospitalized because of injuries he sustained and angry as a result, simply treated the incident like he was back in Miami and hired "Groovy-Guy" Russell to secure Jane for him. Russell, in turned, hired some of the various cutthroats in the city for a paltry $1000 – people like Shenhua, Sawyer the Cleaner, Lotton the Wizard, and Claude "Torch" Weaver.

Elvis' fate is unknown, more likely killed by Lobos to prevent Elvis from escalating problems to the point that in involved Balalaika and Hotel Moscow.

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